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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Managing Your Game Time, Game Client, Characters and Packs

A How-To For Early Enrollees


  • If you cannot log in to email
  • Only Alpha and Early Enrollees can play in Month 1 of Early Enrollment
  • Once you set two characters to train XP on an account with Destiny's Twin you can't make any XP changes without losing the Destiny's Twin perk
  • New Player Packs and Class Packs are available in Month 1 of Early Enrollment

A Great Beginning

Early Enrollment marks a transition from a point in the project mostly focused on creating a first iteration of game features and identifying and fixing major bugs to a mode of continuous long-term iteration on features. You are seeing a 5-year development in it's 2nd year! Your input on how features work, how to improve them, and new features to add is called Crowdforging and we welcome it. This is a unique opportunity to have a real, significant effect on the development of a major new MMO. Give us your thoughts and feedback on the Forum!

Accessing Your Account

To download and install the client and play the game you will need to have a current account. Visit the site, click the Log In button and enter your credentials to get access to the game. If you receive an error message when trying to log in, and you are unable to recover your username or password using the links provided, please email and we will be able to help you.

The only people who will be able to play the game in Month 1 of Early Enrollment are players with Alpha accounts and Early Enrollment accounts.  Explorer and Open Enrollees are not eligible for Month 1 play.

Game Time

For the first month of Early Enrollment we will not have our account management system deployed which means that you will not have a way to manage the game time associated with your account. For this short, initial period, we are going to simply rely on server logs to determine if you have logged in to the game, and thereby started using your game time.

For Month 1, if you log into the game client (not the website), even if you do not enter the game world, that will consume one month of your game time. The anniversary of your first month will be 30 days after the date that you logged into the game client.

We expect to have our account management tool ready before the end of the first month which will make it possible for you to manage the use of your game time directly in Month 2 and beyond. When that tool is deployed you will be able to decide if you wish to use your game time, or not, and we won't rely on this login-based system. Of course it is always possible that the deployment of that tool will be delayed, in which case we'll describe the process we'll be using in Month 2 if necessary.

As a reminder, you can see how much game time you have on an account by logging in to the site, accessing the account link (it appears right below the Pathfinder Online logo), and clicking the "View all rewards on my account" link.

If you do not log into the client in Month 1, none of your game time will be consumed.

Using the Game Client

If you participated in the Alpha test we highly recommend uninstalling and removing all traces of the game client prior to the start of Early Enrollment. That will help provide the best possible experience and reduce the risk that some old code could interfere with the proper functioning of the client.

To get the client, log in to After you are logged in, a blue "Get Installer Here" button will become available.  Click this button, click through the various End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, and other pages accepting them by your act of clicking the links to continue through the installation process, and then download either the Windows or Macintosh version of the client.

You will need approximately 5 gigabytes of free hard drive space to complete the installation. The Patcher inspects the installation each time it runs and checks to see if new versions of files have been released, and if so, downloads those updates and automatically installs them.

The Patcher window will have links to various documentation and guides we've created to help you understand how to play the game.

Once the Patcher has completed downloading and installing the rest of the program, you'll have the option to launch the client from the Patcher window. In the future, please run the Patcher each time you get ready to play. The Patcher will inspect your installation and automatically update any files that have been updated since your last session, keeping your client updated to the most recent version.

Note: When you begin play you'll need to enter your username and password. These credentials are the same as those you use on  Currently, you cannot tab between fields in the client's login screen - a much requested feature we're going to implement Real Soon Now(tm).

Managing Your Characters

Training XP

Note: Backdating of XP will be enabled for Month 1 of Early Enrollment. Be sure to read the Backdating XP section before you begin creating characters.

Note: Destiny's Twin adds substantial complexity to these directions. Please read the following Destiny's Twin section before you start changing training for characters.

All accounts can have at least one character earning XP at a time. Accounts have three character slots. You can log in any of these three characters but you cannot log in more than one at a time. The character that you have logged in does not train XP by default - the character you have selected to train XP continues to earn XP even if you are not playing the game, and even when you are playing the game with another character.

When you run the game for the first time or if you delete all the characters from your account, after you log in you will be taken directly to the character creation screen. The character you create will enter the game world and automatically begin training XP.

To change the character training XP, click the "Set Training" button on the character selection screen.  A button will appear next to each character that will indicate if the character is "Training" or "Not Training". This is a toggle - clicking the button will change its state from one condition to the other.  Click the "Set Training" button again to lock in your changes. You can set multiple characters to "Training" but when you click "Set Training" to lock the change in you will get an error message telling you that you can only train 1 character (unless your account has the Destiny's Twin perk - see below).  You will need to ensure that only one character (or two if you have Destiny's Twin) is configured to "Training" before you can lock in your changes.

Note: Until changes are locked in, no change to the training of XP will be made to the characters.

Deleting Characters

You can delete a character if you wish by clicking the "Delete" button next to the character's name on the character selection screen.

Characters are deleted every day during normal downtime (starts at 9:00am Pacific). Until that time you can revert a Delete action by clicking the "Undelete" button next to the character's name.

This will restrict the maximum number of new characters you can make each day to 3. Until the character has been successfully removed from the database during downtime maintenance it remains on your character selection screen and its slot is not available for use.

Destiny's Twin

If you backed our 2nd Kickstarter (or were issued a Buddy or Guild account from a Kickstarter Reward) your account has a perk called Destiny's Twin.

The implementation is a very minimal iteration of the feature and it is very easy to accidentally cause a problem. Please read these directions before playing the game for the first time to help avoid a mistake. We will not fix broken Destiny's Twin accounts if you successfully use the perk, and then later break the Destiny's Twin system.

You can end the Destiny's Twin perk by the choices you make about character training and deleting characters. Read these instructions carefully to avoid those errors.

Accounts with Destiny's Twin work differently than accounts without the perk. All accounts have 3 character slots but only two can be easily used without breaking the Destiny's Twin perk.

If your account has the Destiny's Twin perk you can set two characters to train XP at the same time. However, once you have configured the two characters training simultaneously you cannot change their XP training status without removing the Destiny's Twin perk. If you attempt to make changes to training, and you click the wrong buttons, you can end the Destiny's Twin perk. Proceed with caution.

If you change the training status of a character on a Destiny's Twin account you will be shown a dialog box warning you that making the change will remove the perk.  

This dialog box has two options: "Accept" and "Cancel".  If you click "Accept", you will end the Destiny's Twin perk.

Click "Cancel" to abort the change safely.

Once you have configured the account with two characters training XP, you cannot delete either character without ending the Destiny's Twin perk.

You can create a 3rd character on the account. However, you cannot set that character to train XP, or you will end the Destiny's Twin perk. There is no way to change which two characters are earning XP once Destiny's Twin is active without losing the perk.

Here are the recommended best practices to configure your account for Destiny's Twin use:

  1. Create your first character
  2. Enter the game world
  3. Close the game client
  4. Start the game client again and log in
  5. Create your second character and enter the game world
  6. Close the game client
  7. Start the game client again and log in
  8. On the character selection screen, click "Set Training"
  9. Click the training selector button next to your second character so that it and your first character both say "Training"
  10. Click the "Set Training" button a 2nd time to lock in your changes
  11. Select a character to play and click "Enter World"

From this point forward, do not click "Set Training", or make any other changes to your training settings.  

Backdating XP

To help reduce the load on the servers as we begin Early Enrollment and to add value to the Early Enrollment package for the first month of Early Enrollment we are enabling a perk called Backdating XP for Month 1. Backdated XP means that even if you don't choose to log in and start playing for a few days (or weeks) you will have one character on the account with the maximum possible XP.

The first character you create on an account during Month 1, and only the first character, will be granted XP as if it had been created and begun earning XP the moment the servers went live for the start of Early Enrollment.

If you delete this character you will lose this perk. The 2nd and all additional characters you create will never have this perk.

If you have the Destiny's Twin perk as well, you can get this perk twice. In order for that to work you must set up two charcters to train XP before the 2nd character has begun to earn XP. If you allow one character to earn XP, then switch so that the first character stops earning XP and the second character starts earning XP, and then you set them to both train at the same time, the system will not backdate XP for the second character.  To get the XP Backdating for that second character, don't set it to train XP until you're ready to have two characters training XP at the same time.

Special Packs

Two Packs offered in the 2nd Kickstarter are implemented.

The New Player Pack contains a variety of useful items to help you on your first hours in the game. The Class Packs provide a number of useful items for characters that are pursuing one of the Role Achievements (Cleric, Fighter, Rogue or Wizard).

Currently when you create a character the final step in the character creation process enters the character into the game world without a chance to assign a Pack. After creating a character, close the client, start it again and log in. 

On the character selection screen you will see a list of the Packs associated with your account. Selecting a Pack will assign it to the currently selected Character.

A known issue currently requires you to enter the world with a character once you have selected a Pack, then close the client, log in again, select the same character, and enter the world a second time.

Once you are in the game world with a character that has been assigned a Pack, the Pack will appear in your inventory on the "All" tab. Right click the Pack to open it. New Player Packs will automatically fill your inventory with their contents. Class Packs will give you a choice of which Role you wish the Pack to support and after making your selection the proper items will be placed in your inventory.

You can put these Packs up for sale on the Auction House but they cannot be found using Search so they cannot be successfully auctioned at this time. You can put them into a Local Vault and retrieve them when desired. You can trade them between characters.

Getting Help

As we begin Early Enrollment we expect that many players will need to access our Customer Support. The very best way to get the help you need is to email and to provide as much information as you can about your situation. Requests for help in game and on the forums will not have the priority given to email help requests and while we'll try to monitor those venues we won't necessarily see or respond to every message.