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More Info on the Crafting System

This week we're going to highlight more information about the crafting system.  We know that crafting is a huge topic and something that a lot of people are really interested in learning more about.  As we move closer to beginning Alpha testing we are now beginning to implement all the pieces of tech and game design that have been built in parallel but not integrated up to this point into the client.  We are finally reaching the point where it makes sense to talk about these systems without having to use so many "we don't knows" and "that's still being worked on", etc.

These systems, as with all core game systems, are going to be implemented in a minimal working state.  The community will then help us prioritize incremental improvements and new features - the process we call Crowdforging - a process that will continue in the case of something like crafting for the lifetime of the game.  What we're going to talk about today is therefore more than a "rough draft", but less than a set in stone immutable part of the game.  There is still tremendous opportunity for people to help us shape this system and meaningfully impact how it is developed.  The best way to be a part of that is to become an Early Enrollee, which you can do by purchasing Early Enrollment on the Store (see link above on the navigation bar!)

In addition to this video blog we have a bunch of other pretty cool stuff to share.

Kickstarter Rewards

We are just weeks away from preparing and shipping the physical rewards for the 2nd Kickstarter.  Various components have been arriving regularly at the Paizo warehouse.  We thought it would be cool to show everyone some of the things we've received.

This is the keystone of the Kickstarter - the Emerald Spire Superdungeon!  Many, many thanks go out to all the incredible people who worked to make this book come together.  It is a celebration of Pathfinder and a great introduction to the world of Pathfinder Online!  The black leather & green foil embossed version is going to be sent to the Kickstarter backers who buy the Print Pack Add-On. (You can still add the Print Pack Add-On to your Kickstarter Pledge in the Pledge Manager on if you have not already finalized your Pledge!)  I took some pictures of the standard illustrated cover that will be available to people who didn't back the Kickstarter for comparison.


This big stack of stuff is the Flip Mat package.  Every time Lisa looks at it she winces a little bit.  This is probably the most valuable but underrated part of the Kickstarter; the price of these Flip Mats in normal sales channels will likely be close to the price of the Print Pack Add-On all by itself! To say that it exceeded our expectations is a bit of an understatement!

These two blister cards are the all metal Reaper miniatures that are going out to the Kickstarter backers at the Pioneer level and above.  Reaper has been a long-term supporter of Paizo and we were uplifted in some of the most stressful hours of our Kickstarter by their support for Goblinworks.  It is not farfetched to say that without their support, the 2nd Kickstarter would not have succeed.

This is a package of the WizKids Pathfinder Battles miniatures that are also going out to the Pioneers.  WizKids answered the call when we asked if they could do alternate paints of some existing figures and made that possible on a lightning-fast turnaround.  Having a large number of these figures to continue to drive interest in the Kickstarter over the holidays was a big reason that we achieved our funding goal and we thank them profusely!


Guild Land Rush

The two weeks have been a blur on fast-forward for the Guild Land Rush.  We soft-launched the Account Transfer process from to, worked through some initial hiccups, got the Kickstarter Backers notified, and have been happily watching voting on the Land Rush steadily increase!  

The Land Rush is designed to enable groups who want to play together as a Settlement to get an early start on that system even before we build the Settlement founding and Territorial Control systems into the game.  One person registers a Guild with the Land Rush, and then recruits Early Enrollees to support that Guild.  We'll be updating the Leaderboard with the nominal spots selected by the Guilds from most active to least active on a regular basis throughout the 10 weeks of the promotion.  

Now is the perfect time to get you and your friends up on the Leaderboard and start recruiting even more members!

All About Crafting

Without further ado, here is this weeks' video dev blog, wherein Stephen Cheney answers my questions (and hopefully yours!) about Crafting!

Discuss this weeks' blog on the Forums - we are always interested in your feedback!