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Now I Understand the Supernova Scene

For the latest backer update video we wanted to capture the state of the game as we finalize the Q4 Milestone that was delivered in January. The two major areas we focused on were the combat system: the UI, animations, role features for multiple roles, plus the next iteration of the combat system itself; and the conversion of the world terrain from the fully manual small scale process to a more large scale terrain development method using the Grome tool pipeline. This allows us to create a wider variety of world area types, do it on a much larger scale, and include all of the road networks, encounter areas and settlement foundations.

The footage you are going to see was captured in game while our staff adventured in the River Kingdoms. Nothing you are seeing was altered in post-production, and everything you see is in the game working exactly as you see it. While capturing the video, our camera character wasn't necessarily being played to maximum efficiency or ability! So you won't necessarily be seeing the most effective use of feats, weapons, tactics, etc.

We will be releasing some more detailed info on the UI and combat updates in the near future, but for the moment, we wanted to give you a sneak peak. We have done a lot to customize the UI to be more in line with our specific combat system needs and to improve its usability. There are size and position issues with the target health indicator, which will be addressed soon.

You will also see brief shots of the skeletons and goblin dogs, which were both great new additions for Q4. We will show them in more detail soon. Some initial spell effects are in, but will get adjusted heavily before Alpha, and have some minor visual issues currently. We still just have the placeholder faces in, and will be working on updating that before Alpha as well. We will also be focusing on adding more variation, decoration and points of interest to the world.

We are also including a few additional screenshots to give you an idea of the color, lighting and detail of the world when not being painfully compressed for online video. Have a look at them if you would like a better idea of how it would look on your screen!

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