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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

On the Road Again

It's the middle of summer, and that means we're going to Indianapolis! Yes, that time has come again, when the gaming world turns its attention to Gen Con Indy, the Best Four Days in Gaming! Of course, for those of us who work at the show, it's really the Best Four Days in Gaming plus Two Extra Days of Traveling!

Behind the scenes here at Goblinworks HQ, we've been taking care of a lot of out-of-office challenges in addition to working hard on Milestone 3 for Pathfinder Online. One effect of those challenges is that we're moving into a period of time where the frequency of dev blogs is going to become a bit erratic. Next Wednesday we will not post a blog, since many of us (and many of you) are en route to Indy. The week following, we'll likely post a Gen Con wrap-up to talk about how the show went, but after that we'll be busy planning for Pax Prime and may miss the following week as well. Never fear—these disruptions in the blog schedule are not impacting the design of the game. Everyone remains on schedule and is working hard towards the various tasks on their to-do lists.

For those who will be able to join us in Indianapolis, here's a brief rundown on our plans for the show. All times are given in Indianapolis local time (EDT). In addition, Paizo is going to be talking a lot about Pathfinder, and there are several panels that may be of interest to fans of Pathfinder Online. Check the schedule for more Paizo and Pathfinder-specific events throughout the convention.

Thursday August 15th

  • Ryan will be on a panel at noon on Thursday in room 210 to discuss Community Management in a World of Flames, and how building a community is a fundamental part of succeeding in business.
  • At 5 pm on Thursday, Paizo is hosting a seminar on Pathfinder's Expanding Universe, and that will include Pathfinder Online. That's in room 231.
  • For those of you who are interested in Kickstarters and want to hear some behind-the-scenes info on our two projects, Ryan will be doing a panel on Kickstarting Your Project with Luke Peterschmidt and Mitch Gitelman on Thursday at 6 pm in room 210.

Friday August 16th

  • Ryan will be crashing Jack Emmert and Russell William's panel on How to Get into the Video Game Industry on Friday at 1 pm in room 242. If you've thought about a career in videogames, this is going to be a great place to learn firsthand what it takes to break into the business.
  • Paizo cover artist Wayne Reynolds is presenting the Art of Pathfinder at 4 pm on Friday in room 231.

Saturday August 17th

  • At noon on Saturday, check out the Emerald Spire All-Stars panel in room 231, composed of authors contributing to the Emerald Spire superadventure. Luminaries planning to attend include Ed Greenwood, Frank Mentzer, Richard Baker, Wolfgang Baur, Mike Stackpole, Chris Pramas, Lisa Stevens, Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, James Jacobs, Jason Bulmahn, and Sean K Reynolds.
  • Pathfinder Online Seminar: Saturday at 5 pm we'll be doing a panel in room 231 exclusively devoted to Pathfinder Online. Ryan and Stephen Cheney will be headlining that event. We'll recap the design objectives, talk about our progress so far, show off some concept art and the trailer, and take questions from the audience.

Sunday August 18th

  • The folks at Paizo will reveal Secrets of Golarion at 10 am on Sunday morning in room 231.
  • At noon on Sunday, Ryan will be speaking about Beginner Boxes, Quick Plays, and Rules-lite RPGS in room 210, taking a look at introductory game products.

There are a lot of Kickstarter panels at Gen Con this year. If you've ever wanted to do your own project with crowdfunding, you will find all sorts of advice and perspectives! Just check the schedule—there are at least a half-dozen panels and seminars listed.

Goblin Squad Promo Mini

Goblin Squad members, don't forget to stop by the Paizo booth to get your Goblin Squad Gen Con promotional miniature, Konkrud! You'll need to present your promo mini redemption form, which should already be in your downloads from the Paizo store. Please fill out the form using the same information you used to back our Kickstarter so that we can match you up with our pledge list. If you don't have your redemption form, we won't be able to give you your mini. The limit is one miniature per Goblin Squad member.

That's it for now—we'll post some photos and updates on our Facebook page during the show. You can find us at!

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