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Open Enrollment v2.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.1. The release build of OE 2.1 has been running on the Test Server since Friday, April 10 and was deployed to Live on Monday, April 13.

What Is In This Release

This release adds over 50 rare raw materials and salvage items for our Home Sweet Home Event to honor everyone's help in staying home and staying healthy. Players will be able to collect sets of these items to turn in for prizes, with the final rules to be posted on the forums shortly. In addition, the Emerald Aristocrats escalation joins the standard rotation, several issues with the Combat Alchemists are fixed, and multiple other improvements have been made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Home Sweet Home Event:

  • Ten varieties each of rare essences, quartzes and fungi have been added to the standard low-security monster hexes (not home hexes, not the medium/high-security hexes meant for tutorial escalations). These raw materials have been divided up by geographical regions, with regions that have smaller numbers of monster hexes sharing raw materials with other nearby/similar regions. Only the highest quality variants of each raw material are of any value (labeled as Valuable), so it’s best to let them regenerate for a while if you start pulling the low quality varieties (labeled initially as Unusable, then Insignificant, and finally Worthless). These raw materials can’t be harvested using harvesting kits, they can only be gathered, much like enchanting raw materials.
  • Twenty-three rare souvenirs have been added to the escalations as lootable salvage. Any time an entity has a chance of dropping enchanting salvage, it now also has a small chance of dropping a souvenir. Most escalations have their own souvenirs, though some escalations that share similar themes/entities (Duergar and Elite Duergar, Dark Elves and Elite Dark Elves, The Shadow/Wrath/Revenge of Nhur Athemon and Emerald Aristocrats) share souvenirs, with the lower-level variants having a smaller chance of dropping one. Bosses have a much higher chance of dropping souvenirs than any other entities and each member of the party gets a full chance at each boss drop.
  • All the Valuable raw materials and all the souvenirs are Invulnerable (protected from looting on death) and can be sold at auction houses. All of the non-Valuable raw materials are vulnerable to looting, can’t be sold at auction houses, and are best disposed of to avoid cluttering vaults.
  • All the event raw materials and souvenirs are sorted under the new category Premium/Event in the vaults and are referred to as event items in their descriptions.


  • Emerald Aristocrats is part of the standard escalation rotation and only one instance can be running at a time.
  • Enemies from the Mordant Spire event Superior Review no longer claim to be from the Mordant Sprire.

Combat Alchemist:

  • All craftable Alchemist’s Tools are sellable at the auction house (Trainee Alchemist’s Tools remain unsellable, along with other trainee equipment).
  • Base Attack Bonus requirements for Combat Alchemist Role Achievement ramp evenly across all levels.
  • Adventure is a category point option for Clothing Armor Proficiency advancement.
  • Alchemist armor feats are options for Clothing/Light Armor Proficiency advancement.
  • Recipes for Tier 2 Professional’s Formula Book can be learned and used at Artificer 13 instead of 14.


  • Energy Resistance on all non-heavy armors has been reduced by 25% and will be steadily removed over time to make room for the increased energy resistance proved to lighter armors by enchantments.
  • The help entry for the Town Crier Management Window mentions that town criers appear in Thornkeep if the Settlement Level is at least 14.

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