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Racing Around to Come Up Behind You Again

Another trip around the sun, and another successful Gen Con! This is our second year attending the convention and putting on a panel, and we were delighted to draw an even larger crowd than we did last year!

Lisa Stevens, Stephen Cheney, Rich Baker, and I took the stage on Saturday at 5 pm and talked for an hour about Pathfinder Online. I was booked on a different panel in a different room at 6 pm, but Stephen stayed on the podium and took questions until nobody had anything left to ask. Next year we'll try to get set up for at least 2 hours so we can have plenty of time for Q&A.

We continue to struggle with getting good video from these presentations, and unfortunately this year was no different. I captured 12 minutes at the start of the panel, but due to delays in getting the presentation up on screen and the few minutes we spent on introductions, there's not a lot worth broadcasting. Instead, I've hosted the presentation slideshow online so you can view it if you're interested. There's a lot of good data on those slides even without the voiceover.

We learned at the PaizoCon panel that general audiences aren't always aware of the reasons behind what we're doing and what we're up to. Therefore, the GenCon presentation is a basic overview of the theory of sandbox design, the kind of game we're going to make, our progress to date, and the timelines we're working on. It also includes some art assets and videos to help illustrate those points.

Emerald Spire All-Stars

Speaking of interesting Gen Con panels, check out this one:

This is our collection of Emerald Spire contributing authors, or as many as we could get in one room at the same time at Gen Con. Seated at the top table from left to right are Erik Mona, Chris Pramas, Ed Greenwood, Frank Mentzer, and Keith Baker. Sitting on the stage in front of the table from left to right are Wes Schneider, James Sutter, Lisa Stevens, Wolf Baur, Jason Bulmahn, Nick Logue, and Tim Hitchcock. (Nick and Tim are new additions to the Emerald Spire team; they're replacing Jordan Weisman and Mark Rein-Hagen, who unfortunately had to bow out.) In addition to the authors shown here, our own Rich Baker showed up halfway through after his conflicting seminar let out. The only Emerald Spire authors who didn't make it to the panel were Mike Stackpole, Sean Reynolds, and James Jacobs. That's a lot of stars in one place!

The Emerald Spire super-adventure is currently wrapping up design and moving into the development phase. We've got 14 of our 16 levels in hand, plus lots of great information about Fort Inevitable and monster write-ups for the Wizkids promotional minis from our Kickstarter—for example, the bone priest or the emerald automaton. The super-adventure is coming together!

Next Stop: Pax!

In two weeks we'll be at Pax Prime here in Seattle. That's going to soak up a lot of our bandwidth as we get ready to participate and then attend the show, so we're going to repeat our recent blog hiatus and skip next week's installment. We'll update the community on the forums about where we'll be speaking at Pax and Pax Dev. Hope to see you there!

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