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Setting Up Companies and Settlements in Early Enrollment

How to Configure Your Persistent Social Groups

Companies and Settlements are at the very core of our game design objective of maximizing meaningful human interaction. This brief guide will explain what you need to do to get your Company and Settlement correctly configured so that you'll be able to gain the benefits of using these tools, including the benefits that will be turned on when the War of Towers begins.

Company Setup

Companies are persistent organizations that allow characters to work together on a variety of game objectives. The first objective will be taking and holding Towers when that feature is turned on in a few weeks. Companies are the foundation of Settlements as well, before you can be a part of a Settlement you need to be a part of a Company.

To make a company, in the Chat interface, type the command:

/vccreate companyname

The person who creates the Company is the Company leader. Currently we do not have the ability to change Company leadership. Company leaders have the power to accept applications to join the Company, can kick characters out of the Company, and can apply for the Company to join a Settlement.

Company names also cannot be changed at this time so carefully spellcheck your name before you create the Company.

The Company UI

After you create a Company you can access the Company UI. Click the Castle system icon (the row of icons on the top left corner are the system icons). Enter the name of your company in the Search field and press Enter. When your Company appears in the list, left-click the name to open the Company UI.

The "Edit" button opens a two fields that allows the Company to describe itself to prospective members.

Everyone can view this UI panel but only the Company Leader can access the commands to set the Company information blurb and manipulate the Membership information.

Joining A Settlement

To affiliate a Company with a Settlement, the leader of the Company has to use this chat command:

/settlementapply settlementname, companyname

This will put the Company into an approval queue visible to the leader of the Company that leads the Settlement.

Settlement Setup

There are 33 Player-run Settlements in the game, with more to be added over time. These Settlements were awarded based on the results of the Land Rush.

The Leaders of the Settlements were defined by the Land Rush, and Lee Hammock has been communicating with them throughout the Alpha test.

To complete the Settlement setup step, the Leader of the Settlement needs to create a Company (and needs to be the Leader of the Company). After the Company is established, contact  Tell us the name of the Company that will lead the Settlement and we'll verify that we're communicating with the person authorized to establish the Settlement. We'll do a little back-office ninja work, and viola! The Settlement will appear in the database. From that point onward, the Leader of the Company that leads the Settlement will also be the Settlement Leader, and that character will be able to accept Company applications to join the Settlement (and remove Companies as well).

This is a repeat of the process used in Alpha - we need you to do each of these steps again now that we're on the live server and the live database.

Accepting Company Applications

The leader of the Company that leads the Settlement has the responsibility to inspect and approve or reject Companies that are applying to affiliate with that Settlement.

Open the Company Search panel, and search for the Company that leads the Settlement.  Select it to open the Company management panel.  Click the "Alliances" tab.  Then click the "Applicants" tab.  You will see the list of Companies who have applied to join the Settlement and you can accept or reject them as you see fit.

How to Participate

Anyone can apply to join any Company. To do so, open the Company search panel as described earlier by clicking on the Castle icon. Search for the Company name and press Enter. When you find the Company you want to join, left-click its name to open the Company information panel.

If you want to apply to the Company, click the "Apply to Join" button. The Company Leader will be able to review the applicants by accessing the indicated tab, and approve or disapprove these requests.

The same process works for Settlements once they're established. If you are a Company Leader, find the Company that controls the Settlement you want to join (it will have an "*" character after its name in the Search list). Open it's info panel and you will see controls to allow you to petition for your Company to join the Settlement. (Note: You'll only see these controls if you're the Leader of the Company). Leaders of Companies who control Settlements will see controls that will allow them to review Company applications just like Company leaders can review character applications!

What Does A Company Do?

Companies are critical to the power of Settlements and they'll have interesting things they can do even if they're not affiliated with a Settlement. As we begin Early Enrollment the Companies have one major purpose: They will capture Towers.

War of Towers

We have a major feature that has been used in the past couple of months of the Alpha test called War of Towers. This feature will be turned on in a few weeks and when active it gives Companies a major reason to exist.

Briefly, Companies can capture towers using a time-based mechanic. Companies that are affiliated with Settlements contribute their Towers to the Settlements' Tower Total. The more Towers a Settlement controls, the higher the training it can offer.

The Economic Web

One of the major new features that we'll be working on in 2015 is expanding the economic system through the addition of a number of persistent objects and sites that will plug into the harvesting and crafting economy. Companies will do that work, and the Settlements they're affiliated with will gain benefits from the resources produced by those structures.