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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Settlement Warfare is on the March

The next update, which we hope to release in early February, will add the ability to craft and deploy a new type of holding called a Siege Engine and a new type of outpost called a Siege Camp. By placing a Siege Engine and two Siege Camps in each hex surrounding a settlement, and then feuding the founders, companies can attack the settlement, first destroying bulk goods in the Settlement Upkeep vault, then damaging and destroying the settlement's structures. Once all the structures have been destroyed, the settlement leaders will be removed from power, leaving the settlement unclaimed. Unclaimed settlements can then be claimed by surrounding them with holdings, each supported by two outposts.

Siege Engines and Siege Camps can be crafted in both T2 and T3 versions, with the usual upgrades available. These holdings will cost a larger amount of raw materials than your traditional holdings to make and, once crafted, will be so heavy that only mules will be able to carry them to the siege site. Siege Engines require bulk goods to operate, much like other holdings. Unlike other outposts, Siege Camps don't generate bulk goods, so Siege Engines need to be supplied some other way. Starting a siege requires surrounding a settlement with Siege Engines and Siege Camps, but after that damage will be done each day by any neighboring hex that has an active Siege Engine and two active Siege Camps. The amount of damage each hex does is based on the minimum tier and upgrade level of its Siege Engine and its two Siege Camps.

We'll release more details, such as recipes and bulk good requirements, as we get to implementing each aspect of this feature.

Meanwhile, if you want peace, prepare for war! Surround yourselves with holdings and outposts, build more structures in your settlements, and reinforce those critical alliances! Don't be caught unprepared!

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