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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Subscriptions and Game Time Management

We are activating game time management as of 29 January 2015.

IMPORTANT: If you logged into the game in January, you wil automatically be charged for a month of game time in February unless you opt out by changing your Subscription settings before the anniversary day in February of your first day of play in January.

Game Time Management Tools

To access your game time management, visit your account page on A link to your account page will appear directly beneath the Pathfinder Online logo when you are logged in. Click that link to visit the account page for your account.

A new section has been added to your account page, "Subscriptions". Click the link provided to enter the subscription management system.

Months of Game Time

We have decided to manage all game time in terms of monthly increments. This will help reduce confusion that might have occurred if we had two different systems - 30 day timers, and monthly timers, running in parallel. All game time functions will be based on monthly increments. The anniversary of a monthly game time will be the same day of the following month, with one exception.

Months with More or Less Than 30 Days

If your anniversary day is the last day of the month, it will be the last day of the following month as well. The anniversary date of a month of game time that started on January 31st 2015 will be February 28th 2015. (Yes we will account for Leap Years!)

There are 365 days in the year so that means that people who manage their game time for a 12 month period will gain the benefit of 5 "bonus days" vs. a 30-day game time system.

What is a Subscription

"Subscription" is the term we are using to mean that your account is valid, in good standing, and has been provisioned with one or more units of game time. Some subscribers are using game time units from the Kickstarter or purchased in the store.  Others are using game time provided by our recurring billing system. You are a "Subscriber" if you have an account with Pathfinder Online.

Manage Your Subscription

Accounts have one of two status conditions: Active or Inactive. Inactive accounts cannot log in to the game and do not gain XP.  Active accounts can log into the game and gain XP. Your status will appear in the first section as "Active" or "Inactive".

If you have pre-paid months of game time you will be told how many months are associated with your account. You can use those months of game time to make your account Active if you choose.

NOTE: If your account is Inactive, you will not earn XP on that account.

Manage Your Billing

You have the option to set up automatic recurring billing for your account.

You can use any payment method previously provided via the store, or you can add a new payment method by clicking the link provided. You can manage your existing payment methods by clicking the "Edit" or "Remove" links

Goblinworks does not keep your credit card number on file. We transmit your billing information to our payment processing provider, and for recurring billing we use a token created by the processor to tell them which card to charge. We only keep the last few digits of the card number to display for your use.

5 Day Advance Charging

We charge recurring billing payments 5 days before the end of the monthly game time period. This enables us to retry failed transactions and to notify you that there has been a problem with your billing so that you can make changes as needed to avoid your account becoming Inactive by mistake. If your payment has not been processed when your current month of game time expires, your account will be made Inactive and you will cease being able to log in and you will not earn XP.

Account Suspension

You can suspend and unsuspend your account as often as you would like. Suspended accounts will not consume game time when the current game time has expired and will not attempt an automatic recurring billing.

You can choose at any time to suspend your account. Account suspension will begin when the current month of game time is complete. You cannot suspend your account mid-month and conserve the remaining days of the month.

Suspended accounts are Inactive accounts - you will not be able to log in. Your account will not earn XP.