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The Map

We were discussing the names of the blogs in a meeting last week and the consensus was that we have pretty much reached the end of the value of having music lyric and band references as our titles.  From here on out, we're going to try and be a little more descriptive to make it easier to search for and find the blog you want to read.

And this week's blog is a doozy.  It's all about The Map.

This is a blog I've been really excited to write for months.  Discussing what to feature every two weeks, I seem to keep saying "let's talk about the map!" but the need to get through some Q&A answers has been more pressing.  But we are about to make some announcements about the Guild Land Rush and we need to get information about the map in your hands before we do that, so I finally got to do "the blog about The Map!"

A quick note about the Guild Land Rush:  We are going to restart it shortly, with a new format, and a special area of our website that will be dedicated to the promotion.  Rather than give half-answers and a lot of "don't know at this time" responses, we'll just say that a big update about that promotion is coming and we'll post it as soon as we've crossed all the "t"s and dotted all the "i"s.

OK, so now Lee gets to talk about The Map, and I get to put in some screen shots and FRAPs from the game client.  You will undoubtedly have lots of questions.  Ask them here in the forums and we'll try to respond as quickly as we can.

A few comments before you watch the video.  Lee uses the term "Land Rush" when he's talking about the larger map.  The Land Rush map and the Early Enrollment map are the same map.  Just pretend he's saying "Early Enrollment" and it will make things more clear.


I know, I know, you all want to see The Map in more detail.

OK! Click this Link!