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The Pharasmin Sequences

Welcome to this year’s holiday event, The Pharasmin Sequences! With the arrival of the Statue of Pharasma and all the rare new ingredients and recipes to craft it in Open Enrollment 2.4, Pharasma herself wanted to give everyone a special opportunity to gather the specific Remembrances each escalation drops, and that are needed in large quantities to craft a statue worthy of her.

At 10 AM Pacific on Friday, December 18, 2020, five separate sequences of five or six escalations each will be launched in all 46 standard monster hexes, each sequence starting with one of the easiest escalations and ramping up to the hardest escalations. Every standard escalation is included in one of the sequences, providing plenty of opportunities to obtain the specific Remembrances each escalation drops for use in crafting a Statue of Pharasma.

Pharasma also graciously heard our pleas to make this opportunity last well past the holidays, while we’re all still hunkering down but can almost feel the end of quarantining in our grasp. For every sequence completed before the event ends at Daily Maintenance on Monday, February 1, 2021 (9 AM Pacific), every active settlement will receive the following deposited in their Settlement Secure vault:

  • 40 of each bulk resource
  • 1 of each lowest-level Basic Aeon Stone (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald)
  • 1 of each new Pharasmin Boon (Lady’s Favor, Lady’s Foresight, Lady’s Health, Lady’s Protection)
  • 1 Victory Marker
  • 5 Gold Coins
  • 5 Azoth

For any sequences that are only partially completed when the event ends, every active settlement will also receive the following for any individual escalations from that sequence that are completed:

  • 1 of each bulk resource
  • 10 Silver Coins

Because these rewards are shared with all active settlements, cooperation is encouraged to help clear the maximum number of sequences and maximize the rewards for everyone. If all of the sequences are cleared before the event ends, they will all be relaunched and the completion count can continue rising right up until the end. Any sequences that aren’t cleared when the event ends will be left for later completion, without earning any additional event rewards.

In addition, any Blessings of Pharasma obtained before the event ends can be traded in to a GM for your choice of Pharasmin Boons at a rate of 1 Boon for the first Blessing and 5 Boons for each additional Blessing, and you must have at least 2 Blessings to trade. The Boons received in exchange can be any chosen combination of the 4 available Boons, but must be delivered all at once during a single exchange. All remaining Blessings obtained before or after the event ends will be converted to treasure boxes in an upcoming build, allowing you to right-click on them and automatically convert them to your choice of a single Boon.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Adventuring!

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