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Three Goblins and a Fighter Walk into a Bar...

For this installment of the development blog, we have several announcements to share!

+1 Goblin Leader!

Firstly, and most importantly, we want to welcome Pathfinder Online's new Lead Game Designer, Lee Hammock, to the team!

Lee joins us from Zenimax Online Studios, where he was a zone design lead on the Elder Scrolls MMO. Prior to his work on Elder Scrolls, Lee worked at Icarus Studios as Lead Game Designer on Fallen Earth, a post-apocolyptic sandbox MMO.

Lee also has a long list of design credits on tabletop gaming products including Fading Suns and Dawning Star, and he is very familiar with Pathfinder.

Lee will be relocating to the Seattle area and starting full time on Pathfinder Online in a couple of weeks. We are super excited to have someone with Lee's depth of experience in design, and in building and leading teams of game designers.

Lee is going to be focusing on taking our 100,000-foot view of the design and figuring out how to implement it. Along the way, we're sure he'll find a lot of things that need to be adjusted and altered, and we'll be sure to keep communicating those ideas to the community as we make progress.

+2 Goblins!

We're also incredibly happy to announce that concept artist Kieran Yanner and environmental artist Dave Dawson have also joined the Goblinworks team.

Kieran's history includes work with Microsoft Game Studios, DireWolf Digital, Vigil Games/THQ and NC Soft. Kieran has a history in tabletop gaming as well, working with Decipher on their Lord of the Rings and Star Trek projects. He has been one of Paizo's most prolific illustrators, and he'll continue to do freelance work for them. Kieran is going to be producing concept art that will find immediate application in the Pathfinder Online Technology Demo.

Dave's resume includes working at Warner Bros Games and Snowblind Studios. He has created environments for Lord of the Rings—War in the North and After Math, an unshipped title. Dave's expertise is in creating really cool-looking objects that blow up and collapse in spectacular fashion—skills that will be in high demand for Pathfinder Online!

More Concept Artwork!

Stephen Minkin has been hard at work bringing Pathfinder iconic fighter Valeros into the 3D world.

Here's Wayne Reynolds' reference art:

And here's the 3D model—a work in progress!

The Best Four Days in Gaming!

Ryan and Mark, along with most of Paizo Publishing, will be at Gen Con starting tomorrow!

If you would like to meet with Mark or myself in person at the show for business reasons, please email us and set up a time. We'll be able to schedule most requests during exhibit hours at the Paizo booth.

Mark and I will also be at the Paizo booth from 11 am to noon on Friday and Saturday if you're interested in just saying hello or making a quick introduction.

Also, there will be a Goblinworks panel Saturday at 1 pm, where we'll be talking about design philosophies for Pathfinder Online. There will also be a Q&A session at that panel.

How to Become a Full-Time Goblin

We have set up a careers website that lists all the positions we are currently seeking to fill. Most of these jobs will be filled only after we complete the Tech Demo at the end of September. If you're interested in working for Goblinworks, the career site is located here.

Because we work on very tight deadlines and MMOs require a lot of knowledge about risks and implementing best practices, we're especially interested in candidates who have worked on an MMO that has shipped and been operated in a live environment.

More Updates in Two Weeks

That's all for this blog, but stay tuned for more updates on our progress two weeks from now, when we'll cover our Gen Con experiences and—if all goes well—have some pictures from inside our permanent office space!

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