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This is not one of those blogs where we say "nothing much is happening except making progress per the schedule".

This is one of those blogs where we talk about a bunch of exciting new stuff!

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First, take a look around.  You may notice that the Goblinworks website has undergone some surprising changes!  We have (at long last) implemented our plan to deploy a modern website tool that will let us manage our web content in a more dynamic way than the previous site.  Let us all share a moment of silence for the original home of Goblinworks - she served us well for longer than anticipated.

If you run into any problems, strange formatting, links that fail, etc., please let us know on this thread we've created on the forums for website problem reporting.  Note that we are changing over the site from https to http and the SSL changeover is taking longer than expected.  If you access via https you will get an error.

Goblin Squad Store Soft Open

Remember, if you backed the Kickstarters, you can access your Rewards and manage your Pledge by clicking "My Account" at the top of (when you are logged into the account you linked to your Kickstarter pledge) and clicking the "View or Claim Kickstarter Reward" button in the My Pledge Drive section.

The Goblin Squad Store is ready to begin accepting new members!  Existing Members can also purchase Add-Ons and other merchandise and in-game packages.

Click this link to access the store

We are soft-launching the store, and there are some known problems with checkout for some users on some browsers.  The Paizo Tech Team is working hard to resolve all known issues.  This is the first iteration of the store and we'll keep working on it with regular updates.

In order to get access to the store proper, you must first be a Goblin Squad member.  If you did not get membership through the first or second Kickstarters, you can join now by purchasing any of the packages accessible through the "Become A Goblin Squad Member" button.  Remember:  If you are already a Goblin Squad member, you must be logged in to your Goblin Squad user account to access the store.  Look at the top of the page on - you should see "Hello, [your name]", not "Hello, Guest".

If you have any problems on the Goblin Squad store, please let us know in this thread for Goblin Squad store problem reports.

After we let the store run for a week or so and are confident we've found and fixed most problems we'll be making wider announcements about the store to the press and the larger Pathfinder community.

Video Blog #1:  Slots & Divine Powers

Lee and Stephen step into the hotbox of lights and cameras this week to start our new Video Blog series.  If you have a question you'd like to see our designers address, please submit it in this thread on the forums.

Here's our first Video Blog:


Thanks for all your support - we'll be back in 2 weeks with more updates, and a new Video Blog!