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Update to Alpha Test for the Weekend of September 20th

Build Process Ongoing

The team is in process of generating the next build of the Alpha Test which will take all night to complete. Early tomorrow morning (Saturday), assuming the build completes successfully we will begin testing the new code. If the software passes our basic test we will be deploying it to the Alpha Test servers in the early afternoon.

We will keep the community updated on our progress on the forums and the Alpha Test forums on You should look for the first update around 10:00am (Pacific) Saturday morning.

Release Notes

These are the release notes for the new build:

Critical Changes:

  • We now have a Local Storage and Auction Houses! Visit the Bank structure in the Settlements to see the new features!

  • Changes have been made to targeting so that you can target any non-stealthed player or NPC you can see. Stealthed characters can move substantially closer than visual range before they are targetable.

  • Added icons for buffs/debuffs as part of status bar.

  • You can now split a stack of items, which is particularly useful for trading. Click the stack once to move one unit to the trade window.

  • Temporarily changed all ranged attacks to apply Stationary (you cannot move while the attack is animating). This is a short-term measure to curb the current uberness of ranged attacks until more nuanced tech is implemented and can replace this measure. As a consequence, attacks that were not previously designed as stationary will have cheaper stamina costs (i.e., attacks were not rebalanced to account for the new restriction, so got the basic benefit of reduced cost). This feature was Crowdforged!

Significant Bug Fixes:

  • Upon reaching the listed requirements, you can now obtain Rogue 2. 

  • The bug where you could click on your weapon bar and accidentally target a player/NPC behind it has been fixed.

  • Fixed bug with crossing server boundaries causing problems. We continue to work on this technology and remain aware of player concerns about boundary transitions.

  • Previously, when a party killed an NPC and had an item drop, that item would incorrectly appear in the inventory of each party member. Now the item will show up in only one party member's inventory.

  • A bug which caused reputation losses to have no floor has been fixed.


  • The Skeleton, Cultist and Elite Cultist Slayer Achievements now in the Divine category instead of the Adventure category.


  • Fixed mis-allocated trainers.

Character Creation

  • Updated character naming rules. 


  • Changed ability score prereqs for consumables to match new ability score improvement math.


  • Fixed the artificer facility to function correctly.

  • The crafting queue now crafts items in the order they were placed in the queue. This fixes a bug that sometimes the queue would get scrambled.


  • Marked all hexes neighboring starter settlements as NPC hexes so escalation cycles do not invade them.

  • Doubled number of town guards.

  • Fixes to world terrain and improvements to the layout of the template settlements. There are fewer objects floating or buried in terrain.

  • Additional props added to Thornkeep.

  • Collision fixes to the Temple in NPC settlements, and the Thornkeep Keep.

  • The Apothecary is now manned by an apothecary trainer, rather than Seminary Trainer 2. (He was lending a hand until the proper staff could be hired.)


  • Changed generic ranged feats to use subterfuge or martial achievements.

  • Changed critical reactive feats to have general requirements.

  • Added 6th level to utility feats.


  • Removed Crafting achievement requirements from Dowser.

  • Recalculated resource ratings.

  • Changed junk nodes to be referred to as middens.

  • Changed all items to only require the introductory rank for the Tier (0, 7, or 14) in the gathering skill. This should prevent certain items that are needed for crafting from showing up later than the recipes that need them. Higher rank skill continues to improve gathering speed, and the "gusher" system will heavily benefit from higher ranks in the skill.


  • Improvements to the female elf hair - it now stays affixed to the head, as one might expect.

  • Fixed animation suites for two-handed blunt weapons and greatsword.

  • Updated weapon type icons for several weapons, including club.

  • Added javelin animations for the Ogre.

  • Refinements (visual only) to weapons for Dwarves and Elves.


  • Changed qualities and requirements of items to match recipe changes.

  • A bug where quest item rewards were doubled has been fixed.


  • Added a diminishing chance to drop starter gear to creatures up to level 4. Rebalanced loot chances to prevent "wasting" high drop chances with high looting skill (i.e., none of the generic loot has greater than a 66% percent drop rate, so it will not have higher than 100% if you have a maxed out skill).


  • Removed higher-tier components from most lower-tier recipes and rebalanced costs.

  • Adjusted the levels (and quality) of most Refining recipes to have a closer relationship to the crafting recipes that require them and to correctly move early recipes for a tier to the correct minimum levels for that tier (8 for Tier 2, 15 for Tier 3).

  • Changed Clerk's Ink to use colors of the correct tier.

  • Changed Refining recipes to get the +0 default versions a level earlier than you can learn the +1-+3 trained versions.

  • Changed rank 0 to be "introductory Tier 1," 7 to be "introductory Tier 2," and 14 to be "introductory Tier 3." Shifted recipes to match. Generally this means that you get a small amount of the available recipes for the Tier at that introductory rank, and the rest starting at the next higher rank. This results in a more even set of recipe progressions at each Tier, and mostly affects Tier 3. All craft and refining skills now include default recipes that appear at rank 0 (therefore everyone has them and can try out the skill before investing XP in it).

  • Changed Tier 1 and 2 recipes to take less time and Tier 3 recipes to take more time.