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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Update to Pricing & Free Trial System

Update: We no longer support Free Trials or Buddy Invites.

Here's the original blog post with all free trial links deactivated, which remains up for archival purposes:

The release of Early Enrollment v9 also includes some major changes to our pricing and our Free Trial program.

Our objective for the summer of 2015 is to grow the game's population and we're focusing our efforts on lowering barriers to getting new players into the game. Pathfinder Online's value lies in maximizing human interaction so the more humans we have the more interaction will occur. We've evaluated our pricing and our Trial system within that context.

Pricing Updated

We have received tremendous feedback from the community that the price of access to Early Enrollment should not include a "box price" or initial fee, and we agree. Starting today, no initial purchase is required to play in Early Enrollment - simply purchase a month of game time and you'll be able to jump right in!

Also, in keeping with industry norms, we're reducing game time pricing by a $0.05 increment.

Monthly game time is priced at $14.95, and we are changing the multi-month game time offers - adding a 6 month option for $12.95/mo, and revising the pricing of the 12 month option to $11.95/mo.

These pricing updates went live last night and are now available for purchase.

Free Trials

We need your help to keep growing! We have opened up the Free Trial system so that anyone who wishes to try the game can do so directly from  Any user who wishes will be able to create accounts and play for up to 15 days for free.

We are deactivating the previous Buddy Trial system.  Existing Buddy Trial accounts that convert to a paid account will still provide a month's free game time to the originating account, but you will no longer need to (or be able to) issue more trial keys. To get a Free Trial, just click this button, or tell your friends to go to!

Update: We no longer support Free Trials or Buddy Invites. The original blog post, with all free trial links deactivated, remains up for archival purposes.