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Server Down?

Thorn Brightbeard
Is the server down? Ive tried looking all over to see if it has been posted. I have even checked the paizo forums.
Ryan Dancey
There was no plan to bring it down other than for normal maintnenace at 9. I have nit seen any email from the team indicating an abnormality. I will check the system myself in a bit and report if there is a problem.
Thorn Brightbeard
Thanks Ryan!
I followed the patcher instructions ran as admin it patched, but I am getting can not connect to server message when I try to login. Being this is my first time trying things out I could very well have missed something or is the server truly down?
Thorn Brightbeard
They are currently investigating what the problem could be.
I am also unable to connect.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Awww! Server is tired. Sunday is a good day to sleep in….
Virtute et Armis
Well I have waited this long for a glimpse into golarion as a dwarf, I can wait a little longer =D
Thorn Brightbeard
And Dwarf was a good choice smile
I just rebuilt my PC and reinstalled the client. Now I'm getting a message that I cannot connect to I see someone else had a similar message, but no updates since the post from yesterday. Is this an ongoing issue?
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