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New Years PFO Marathon

And there's hundreds of geeks here that would be happy to offer tons of advice on buying/building/breaking a PC. Probably even a few that would be willing to drive to Seattle to assist. But that would get creepy. Really creepy.

Agreed, most of us here know how to build a PC.
And driving down to assist would be really creepy.

My upgrade advice fragments;
Don't touch AMD CPUs, Intel is the way to go.
If you need to save on some cash on a complete computer,
-> go ONE CPU SOCKET behind the current (save between $600 to $1000)
-> Check CPU (FSB, Cache sizes, thread count) and motherboard (FSB, drive transfer rates, DDR type and frequency)
-> *Note you should check if CPU and motherboard are available before purchase.

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce (200 series and up)
PowerSupply: 600W or more.
Ram: Corsair Ram packs (Twin or Quad pack if Double Data Rate, or Triple pack if Triple Channel, based on Motherboard)
Hard Drives: Two Hard drives
-> (one for OS and Programs, the second for holding Documents and other important files),
-> For OS drive you can use a Hybrid Drive (Quicker OS loading, and cheaper than SSD).

If you don't feel comfortable building the PC, there are sites on the web that have DIY kits (gives the parts, no assembly) or build a PC with the parts you selected (assembly included)
So far we have about 5 known folks with interest for this event.

I'm hoping we get more.
About two weeks til New Years Eve.

So time to start the planning based on current count.

I'll take a vote on where we start to be fair (these are the only options):
Marchmont (Neutral Settlement, Centre Geo and player base wise)
Rathglen (Neutral Settlement, closest of the votable near an Escalation people seem to want to farm)
Emerald Lodge (South of Centre, but has good tower Count for those buying or making stuff there for the event)
Since Alpha is ENDING soon, and with it being possible that it happens before New Years, the PFO marathon looks even better.
Wolf of Rathglen
I'm mobile and pass all three of hthose towns several times per week so that's all the same to me.

I'll do a thing.
Hammerfall: Like a waterfall, but tougher.
Jane Snow
Its not creepy!!! Its almost 2015 y'all lol What would be creepy.. is coming by to help and just standing in the corner of the office staring… Yeah totally creepy!! I am saving up for a new home PC. Ill be live streaming from work and annoying Ryan and Mike since they sit right by me now MUAHAHAHH!!! Anywho!! Whos exciteddddd?? I am!!!!smile
"Y'know, I thought you might be some sort of sorcery savant, but it turns out you're just a brat – and you're about to get spanked… " - Zatanna Zatara
T: @Bonnekerz | F: /Janeislicious |
I'm super excited, given the EE start is New Year's Eve
I vote Rathglen! See ya on New Years!

P.S.- I have a TS3 server if anyone would be interested in voice chat while we play.
We'll use the TS server that is used in Adventure time with Bonny
I hope that a number of escalations will be reset for EE.
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