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OK...What happened?

So I took a break for the holidays, if people didn't notice, and have been gone for about a month or so. I received the email saying EE starts in 24 hours and decided to pop in and catch up on what I have missed. I see threads that used to be posted in every few mins that haven't been posted in for a month, such as the PVP threads, and just a general sense of "ghost town." Where did everyone go? What happened to the stress test and all the people playing during as alpha?

I am going to go back and catch up on the blogs and such. I was just wondering if the forums are an indication as to the following this game has. I am concerned.
No, it's that most folks are waiting for EE to come online.
Many people got less excited about alpha testing as they understood that there would be a complete wipe with little notice, followed by a huge push to get the real world first achievements.

Whole companies and settlements dropped off the map as Alpha dragged on, there was a big "Alpha Fatigue" flu going around (as nothing you did mattered, it was all going to be wiped soon).

Now that EE is on, expect interest and participation to rise accordingly. smile
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Factor in that, like yourself, a lot of people had things going on for the holidays. I know I was working long hours. Holidays are over, work should cut hours, and I will be able to play again. Plus now that the game is live, I can start trying to "recruit" friends and family into signing up.
Actually, several key members of our company have decided to hold off starting their 3-or-4 months of included gametime until there are a few more game loops included. They fear that they'll get bored too fast, and then take a break, wasting their free gametime.

They've basically said, "I'll watch you play. When the game gets to a point where I can say, 'Okay, that looks like fun,' then I'll start."
There were some people who realized that they preferred playing a game with more complete features rather than Crowdforging the creation of those features. Which is good, people gotta do what is fun for them.

We've had a couple of people "wake up" on our guild forums, and we have some we know are waiting for OE, but I'm betting we've got a good number who haven't noticed the EE start notice yet.
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