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Having trouble logging in

I got the same. I think the login or game server is down.
The servers go off-line for daily maintenance at 9AM Pacific every day. Downtime is usually less than an hour.
Still can not connect to server, getting error message. Its 154pm EST, maintenance is 12-1pm EST usually.
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The servers go off-line for daily maintenance at 9AM Pacific every day. Downtime is usually less than an hour.

Ah, thanks for the information.
I think my issue is that I "contributed" to the $500 Kickstarter guild level access, became a "buddy" with the guy that actually sent in our Kickstarter pledge, but I also pledged a second time for $35 in the same Kickstarter, and I think Goblinworks is having trouble recognizing the two levels of Kickstarter pledge, assuming that I only contributed to the $35 level. I got all the rewards for being one of the six accounts linked to the guild level access except for Early Enrollment. My downloads folder on Paizo is full of free stuff, including Emerald Spire, even though the Emerald Spire PDF was not the reward I picked at $35 pledge (as I was getting it for my $90something contribution as part of the $500 pledge).
Got my issue resolved. Probably not Goblinworks' fault. Looking forward to logging in for the first time tomorrow morning, if I can.
Glad to hear you'll get to play, Martryn smile
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I am getting - Could not connect to at the login screen.

Assuming servers down?

Same here.
Server downtime from 0900-1000 PST daily; that's 1700-1800 UTC if I got the math right.
I cant log in nether. And yes i try to use your Help e-mail but when i click on it. It says that it is not properly made or somthing. So i paid for early enroll and i have a entire Guild game comunity that may be intrested on this. Ordo imperialis. we been open 9 years now. And i was the one keeping a eye out on this game out of many coming out. we all are keeping a eye out on some like The repopulation Black desert on line Greed Mongler and Star Citizen to name a few. I been keeping track of you sence day one. And i paid out of my hard Earn money. What i was able to. At the time to get early Enroll. Now i cant log in. Why is that ? I Did play last few weeks or last month. And now i cant. Why ? Em very very Disapointed. I been a fan of TSR sence the 1980. wizard of the cvost nmot so much of. But then you made pathfinder. It was great. I was expecting the same customer service and the same quality of the product. My E-mail is Sence i cant even use your help link. hope this gets better. thx you for your time.
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