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DT not getting backdated XP

I posted this in the blog thread at paizo but I think it will get lost in the EE flood. Reposting here:

I followed the DT instructions and I have two chars Training XP - but the second char didn't get the backdated XP.

It's possible that I misunderstood or made a mistake - I don't think it's likely though; the instructions are pretty clear. Does anyone's Destiny's Twin's have the same amount of XP?

I checked this on two accounts:

1276xp @ 7:45 on the first toon
1074xp @ 7:47 on the second toon

1245xp @ 7:28 on the first toon
1027xp @ 7:26 on the second toon

I don't care for me - 200xp isn't something I'm worried about. If I waited until tomorrow - or next week - to make these characters I would be concerned. Are the instructions not working as intended or did I make a mistake?
Ryan Dancey
Did you set the 2nd character to train XP at any time before you made it train in parallel with the first character?
No - I had the instructions up and did everything in sequence. Make toon 1, enter world, exit client, make toon 2, enter world, exit client, set XP training on toon 2 (and OK'd DT warning on "set xp" button submit).

I saw that the first toon showed XP training as soon as it was created but I assume that's OK.

Thanks for having a look!
I got the same, the second character did not get the Back dated XP
Caldeathe Baequiannia
A better question might be is how many people can confirm that it did actually work for them? Anybody?
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Same boat, followed the guidelines. Second character (DT) does not have backdated XP.
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Same here. I have not heard of anyone within our company having gotten backdated XP on their destiny's twin before the fix.

After the fix backdated XP for newly created destiny's twins has been confirmed.
Ryan responded to this on the Pazio forum. There was something wrong, they fixed it. No backdating for XP for those whose main & DT XP didn't work correctly (first 8-9 game hours or so); after fix new characters and DTs where confirmed to be working properly.

Ryan has not indicated in detail how they are going to address (or not)those affected by the XP problem before the fix.
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Ryan Dancey
We will try and figure out something equitable for the people with missing XP. Probably no fix until next week at the earliest.
@Ryan, will you need to be notified of who experienced this or will you take the info from server logs?
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