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can't adjust sound

While the settings menu is open, clicking on the volume sliders causes the entire settings window to move. Is there another way to adjust volume?

Thanks a bunch,

Ryan Dancey
Yup, that's a bug. Filed.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Ryan, that's actually been a filed bug since Mid October.
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Dazyk of Phaeros
Yup, I've submitted a bug report after every single patch for the last three months on that one.

I was wondering if anyone ever read those bug reports…. smile
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WOW…Well there is no way to play with that loud annoying music playing in the back ground. Unless I turn off my system sound itself but not doing that, how will I be able to speak with my friends? This is really bad since I turn music off in every single game I play.
Ryan Dancey
There is only about 2 minutes of music. There mo soundtrack yet.
If you're playing on Windows, you should be able to click the little speaker icon in your System Tray, click the Mixer link, and then change the volume for Pathfinder Online directly.
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