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Concerning crafting

So, I was playing this evening and doing some crafting and discussing the wonders of PFO with a mate when something happened that struck me as needing to be fixed ASAP. When one is crafting, the materials are removed and once the crafting is complete, it is sent to the inventory of the player, no matter where they are. My issue with this is with encumbrance.

If I am out harvesting/hunting and my crafting finishes up, this could slow me down and even lock me in place in the wides if I don't have the room in my pack. (meaning encumbrance) Is there any way this could, instead, be placed inside the bank in the tower the crafting was started? That would lower the risk to crafters who actually leave their town to gather materials of their own.
That has been on the fix list for GW for a while.

If you are crafting and have to leave town,
Run a clock, and time it so you get back before it finsihes, or stay in town until it finishes crafting.
That is the plan. It's just not a priority right now. They are probably assuming most crafting characters are near purely dedicated to a single profession at the moment.

Just run to the town you want the highly encumbering Pot Plate to show up in. <saves on slogging it through the countryside>
Another reason I like heavy armor, because when I get hit by that crafting item that weighs a ton, most times I can take off my armor and still move. Sort of like a built in buffer for encumbrance.
They was going to add it ages ago but discovered that it was more complicated than they thought from the beginning, so it is on the list and hopefully fairly high up on it…
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