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We lose Game time in Beta?

Ryan Dancey
You will be able to buy an item that represents a unit of game time. Say 30 days.

You will be able to sell that item in the Auction Houses to other players.

The person who has the item can add it to their account and use that game time.

This is essentially the same system that CCP uses for PLEX.

We will never sell you a perk that allows another character on your account to gain XP in parallel with a paid stream of XP forever, which is what Destiny's Twin does.
Ryan Dancey
Lots of people will have multiple characters on their accounts with XP. This is what happens in EVE and it is what will happen in our game too. At a certain point someone will want a different "life", and they'll choose to start a new character. Once you get through the first 90 days or so, incrementally improving an aspect of your character through Feat training will take very long periods of time. Lots of people just can't be that patient. They'd rather start someone new from scratch than have a character change lifestyles.

When the alignment and reputation systems are more fully implemented those will create very meaningful reasons to change to a whole new character. Leaving the misdeeds (or exalted status) of another character behind will allow a player to have a very different experience.
EDITED: removed content. browser failed to provide newest post and this reply proved to be waste of space.

Why put literally millions of Xp and months of grind time, re-gathering Power, Hit points, BaB, achievments … when you already have a character that has most of those? Those feats aren't cheap and some take a years worth of Xp or more just to get to the high end! It's like training two characters to both be a level 20 Sawyers (and achieving level 20 in anything requires almost 2 years of Xp dedicated to 2 synergistic feat trees!)

This game isn't like one where you have to play a different class to go up a tree that's not available to you.

But it is a game where Xp, is not acquired through play. It is statically acquired and nothing can ever increase the amount. At the end of the first year of play every player will have 876000 Xp (and a like amount for their DT if they have one). To waste even the smallest amount of that Xp on another character borders on lunacy (one look at the Xp charts should tell even the simplest of minds what a waste it is)

All you literally have to do is train say rogue, wizard, tailor…. feats and <poof> you're a rogue, wizard or tailor or whatever.

A DT is the only thing that even makes 2 completely differing lives worthwhile.

It is Far better to leverage what you already have than to start over with another character.

Reputations can fix themselves and alignments will be changeable (probably through actions).
The only argument here is when a player says "I don't care about the above, It's what I want to do".
Which is more an abrogation of thought, than an argument.
Ryan Dancey
You underestimate the value of "role playing" to many people. They don't want their Fighter to be a Cleric. Or they want to change genders or race. Or they want to be anonymous. Or they just want to experiment. It's a huge part of the player base.

I'm just thinking that you'll bee selling account upgrades that allow you to change a characters name, sex race etc…

Or now that I've mentioned it you're thinking about it. smile
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