Hello All,

I had a problem when I first installed that made the game very difficult to play. Any menu that was scrollable (Such as hairstyles in the character creation screen or resolution in options) when moused over would scroll through the menu from bottom to top and stay on the top. I wanted to help anyone who encountered this issue.

While trouble shooting I used 3 different mice, 2 keyboards and disabled all extra usb devices as well as making sure their respective profilers had been disabled.

By getting the scrolling menu up I was able to "slide" my selection in from the side. While this was difficult in the character creation process I noticed that once I was in game and I changed the graphics settings from fast to fantastic (using my slide in from the side method)the issue was gone. Even when I switch back to fast the issue does not replicate.

I hope anyone who may run into this issue finds this post and my simple fix helps you out.