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Waiting on Character

Ryan Dancey
Just posted a message about this topic.
Ryan's post is here.
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Cant belive this. i have the same problem. And i even deleted the game and redownload the game. And pls dont ask me to use that broke link. i try to click and copy past the customer suport link. that thing is not working nether. wtf i never had this type of troble in any game before. and i been playing games sence the Realm came out by sierra back in the 1990 or so. what is going on. i have a entire game comunity called ordo imperialis. we been open for 9 years now. we have hundreds hundres of players in it. What am i supose to tell em. No stay away from this alpha its realy bad, I want help this game to grow. But you not helping me. i wont lie to them. But i dont want to tell em stay away nether. another thing i read if i paid 50 dollars wich i did months ago. i play in the earlling enroll. so i play the game last month fine. Now this month i try to log on and was not able to at all. So i give 50 dollars more and now i can log in. But now i have this other damn dificulty. whats going on? And again dont tell me to hit the link to customer services i try and try nothing happens. This is only link i ever had troble with. So then i try copy past and same damn thing. IT wont help. LINK is broken?
Ryan Dancey
Calohar when did you email
The linked post basically says anyone who is bugged will be fixed today.

There's no need to lie to anyone.

Is the game buggy? Somewhat but it's early in it's life that's expected.

Is the game fun? Actually yes I'm enjoying myself, even with my main out of action for a day I'm not worried, I do have an alt, and besides they're still earning XP! smile

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