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Destiny's Twin Question

The way it is explained, Destiny's Twin seems like it is a one time use thing that disappears if I ever wish to change characters that earn XP. Is this a permanent planned thing or a technical issue that will be overcome in the future? I ask because there seem to be technical issues that go into using it and the blog entry doesn't address if/how it will be fixed at a later time.

Does using it limit me to only two characters gaining xp for the life of the game? Or will I be able to change one (or both) of them at a later date after kinks are worked out?
Ryan Dancey
The intent of the design is that you have two characters that train XP in parallel.

Right now that means that you will have a character that can't gain XP. We intend that eventually you will be able to give that character the ability to gain XP by paying for game time but we have no eta on that now.
Thank you.
Do we know yet if DT XP Backdating is working correctly yet? I don't want to fire up my second account if this hasn't been fixed.
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Yes. Confirmed fix by people here and on the Paizo threads.
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Ryan Dancey
Yes, it was fixed a few hours into Day 1.
I have a follow-up question: What was the exact server "start time" in terms of when XP began accumulating?

Obviously not a super-high-priority question, but it would be useful information to know for calculations, error-checking, etc.
Ryan Dancey
9:00am December 31st (Pacific)
Odd. Based on that exact time, I should have slightly more XP on my DT character (basically untouched - did nothing but log in, following the explicit instructions in the blog post). I should have ~11828.

At the time of this post (21:17 PST on 1/4/15), I have exactly 11700 XP, which would have been earned over exactly 107 hours. That would mean my DT's XP start time was the exact moment I created him, which was at 10:17am PST on Dec 31st.

I remember that the download was made available at 9:59am that morning, and my download finished (according to the file timestamp) at 10:08 PST, and it took a few minutes to install and get my primary character created and all that.

These calculations suggest that my DT was not granted the backdated XP…
Ryan Dancey
Nope. It wasn't.
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