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Waiting for Character...

Ryan Dancey
We have a problem affecting some players that creates a situation where their characters cannot be returned to the game correctly after they die or are disconnected. The primary symptom of this problem is seeing the client hang at the "Waiting for Character…" message during the Enter World process.

We have built a short-term fix that we will use to periodically sweep the database and change these character's locations to the middle of the Hex they were in when the problem occurred which will allow them to be logged in correctly.

We built this fix yesterday and we have not yet made it a routine automated process so if this problem occurs to you on Sunday the 4th of January, we will likely not be able to restore access to the character until the following Monday.

Work continues to fix the underlying problem causing this condition so that we will not need to do this character repositioning in the future.

Update: This procedure has been updated for Early Enrollment v10.1 and beyond. If you experience a blue screen and unresponsive client, please close the client, wait 1 minute, then log in again. You should be able to return to play without further disruption.

If you are affected by this problem please email so that we can track the issue.

We thank you for your understanding!

Do you know what causes this bug? Is there anything I can do to make my character less likely to encounter it?
Do you know what causes this bug? Is there anything I can do to make my character less likely to encounter it?

+1. If we can somehow change our playstyle a tad to avoid this bug, please let us know.
Ryan Dancey
No. If it were just a broken Feat we would have hundreds of affected characters.
Dazyk of Phaeros
That is good news. I was pretty convinced that it couldn't be a problem with charge feats, as many have been saying.

Thanks for the info Ryan!
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Ryan Dancey
To be clear - it could be. It might be that the conditions that trigger the fault are really specific, which is why it's not happening continuously. We really don't know what the problem is right now.
Thank you GoblinWorks.
My character can once more enter the qame! <woot!>
Melien doesn't have the charge feat. All she was doing was killing goblins with a shortsword on the road ring outside Marchmount when she <poofed> away.
Lord Regent Deacon Wulf
Hmm I've been having the issue since 2200 01/08 to 0800 01/09

I have stayed logged out for more than an hour at a time. I played WoW for several hours while waiting on a fix. The same thing seems to be happening to other Golgothans.

It did provide a slightly entertaining stream though smile
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Lord Regent Deacon Wulf
Actually… It seems once a character reaches Golgotha, they become DCed and then get the dreaded "Waiting for Character.."
"Through Strength of Arms, We bring Peace."
I've been hit by this bug about 5 times. Always at the end of a charge right as I'm about to hit the enemy. I think it has always been with the shield charge feat. I know the last time it happened was with shield charge.
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