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Blue screen after a used a skill in fight

ok i am realy realy upset mad pisst off. I had nothing but dificulty in this dame game. wont go into the details of it all but from been what i think DObble charge had to pay 2 times 50 dollars to get acess to the game when was supose to be 50. AND now after new years patch. i log in start to play and build my carater. His name is Calohar. SO as i use a shield to slam a enemy. The screen gos blue. AND no its is in game. IT is NOT i say again it is NOT the blue screen of death. So i still see the mini map in game working and my carater fighting. and goblings fighting me too. SO i had no choice but to tast bar out. after a while. I close the pathfinder game and try to relog. and i cant after i get to the carater selection screen. SO i restart my pc. and then try again. and nothing cant log in again. SO i delete the game reinstall it and try yet once more. AND guess what nothing i still cant log in. SO now i try to go to the customer service link. AND the link is not working as i click now i try to copy paste it. and nothing. SO i type it in. AND now it reloads me to the pathfinder game webpage that i was just in. it open a new window page to the place am aready in WTF ? so my game comunity thats been open for 9 years now. Keeps asking me how i like the game and if its bugy. worth buying now. well ill love to have them all here with me. BUT am not going to lie to them. Game is past aalpha its supose to be in a type of beta. BUT it has more bugs now then in alpha. and there no small bugs. i cant even log in. NOW i make a new carater and i can log with him in np. BUT I WONT start again all over. i want my main to work. is that to much to ask for. or Give me my money back. after even been Dobble bill. cant belive this. been a fan sence TSR not so much wizard of the cost there money grabing fool. BUT i did think pathfinder on line wud have been the same quality as pathfinder pen and papper games. boy was i mistaken. i cant even get into the customer service link. by the way am not only one with this problem many players have it. smile
Ryan Dancey
I know you've been directed to ths post in other threads but I am putting this here for other readers.
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