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Unattended Macroing

Well, it's time to ask.

I don't see it anywhere in the ToS/EULA where unattended macroing is strictly prohibited. Is this intentionally omitted, or is was this simply not thought to be a problem in PFO?
Ryan Dancey
I don't want people to macro.

I don't want to spend any developer time making an anti-macro tool. I don't want to spend any customer support time policing the policy.

The terms of service explicitly prohibit hacking the client or making your own client. But running a program that simulates mouse moves and keystrokes and feeds those into the real client is outside of those restrictions.

If people abuse this situation and make the game suck, we'll have to do something. I really really really hope we don't have to bother. It will just be less fun for everyone for no meaningful return.
Once player husks and looting are in, I suspect the player community will adequately disincent any such behavior.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Well then, I'm obligated to report myself for unattended macroing. With the current spawn rate of Goblins in starter towns, it's far too easy to write a simple AutoHotKey macro to tab-target and button-mash the surrounding goblins to death. Good timing in the script and some extra measures in the script to pass commands and clicks to the game window while it's inactive, and it's golden.

Noteworthy that "in the future" this won't be possible due to two reasons:
- Goblins will not always spawn this fast.
- Player husks/looting will be a good reason for people to be afraid to do these things AFK (for Guurzak's reason above).

And by reporting myself, I mean I've killed literally over seven thousand goblins this way. Much of it was "attended macroing," but there's a good amount of these kills that can be attributed to not being in front of the PC while the little goblins gasped their last breaths.

I've stopped, though, when the thought occurred to me today that this is debatably an exploit (which prompted this thread); now with Ryan's words thrown in the mix, it's only right to stop taking advantage of this situation.
Reaffirming my high opinion of you, Kitsune.
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