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Billing and international players

How accessible will this game be for players outside the US? I'm in the UK and and I was interested in purchasing the early enrolment but the pricing is only in USD and there's no options for entering an address outside the US (I don't even know what a zipcode is).
Dazyk of Phaeros
You should be able to enter Postal Codes; I live in Canada and we use Postal Codes just like UK, the US uses the synonymous word ZipCode.
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Does it properly take exchange rates into account? A fiend of mine was telling me how she made a purchase from a US site and it charged her too much e.g. being charged £30 for an item that was listed as $30. With the exchange rates $100 works out at about £65 which isn't too bad but if I ended up being charged £100 then that's a bit of a problem.
Jane Snow
It charges you Dollars, so it depends on your CC company as to how that is converted. Let me know if you need anything else.

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