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Loot changes

Lee Hammock
Just to warn people there are some loot changes on the next update:

1. The tutorial goblins will no longer drop any loot of any kind.
2. No low level monsters will drop armor. The weapon drops will continue for the short term but will likely be ending in a few weeks as well.

So stockpile your +0 tier 1 gear so you can sell it to the people who come later.
Rough ETA on the patch? Any hints about what else might be in it? >8-]
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
So players that are new to the game will be utterly screwed unless someone else helps them.
Perhaps you should have tried that out in the Alpha.

Here's your club, short bow and just 40 arrows. good luck.
Doesn't sound like a very good business model to me.

I'm not sure many people will be down with $15 for that.

I'm pretty sure you'll need to rethink that.
Perhaps by including really frisking awesome new player packs.

Or perhaps you'll populate all the hex's around a new player settlement with 1 mob mobs so they have chance when they're just learning the game and trying decide if it's worth their money.
– Perhaps you really ought to explain your thoughts on this fabulous idea. –

Ps: How is anyone going to sell something to someone who doesn't even have a copper and little ability to get one?
I get the idea behind the change, but maybe a couple of softening factors could be introduced:
- Tutorial quest could offer a few copper pieces. T1 +0 gear is going to be dirty cheap, so that would cover it.
- When you buy your first feat related to a role (say, an armor feat), the trainer would also hand you a weapon related to that role. Or if you buy an attack for certain weapon for the first time.

Sure, players might buy everything to get all the starting gears but then again: those things are fairly worthless anyhow.
So three things: Every role has access to a weapon for that role at the start of the game. That is, shortbow, wand, focus and club.

Second, the mobs outside of town are almost as easy as the starter goblins to kill. So new players won't be screwed for their loot gathering purposes.

Lastly, if the change doesn't work out, GW can always reverse course- either partially or fully.
EVE doesn't have "ship" drops from killing pirates or rats.

What it has are a series of starter quests or missions which give you a few of the essential low level ships, some space money, and some basic upgrades. Complete all the starter missions and you are well on your way.

With these changes coming into place, what GW should do is heavily enhance/revamp/improve the initial starter quests and have them provide a full basic set of equipment (including tier 1 +0 armor and weapons). I know there are some gear giving NPCs already, but this isn't always very clear to new people. This whole starter process needs to involve some serious hand-holding.
Have you lost your mind?
New players, are going to be basically reduced to begging right off the bat? And the idea of we can sell them +0 armor is laughable who in there right mind is going to give up there encumbrance to carry that crap back to town instead of the valuable resources that they were out and about for? And the response of well someone can craft it for them; Why would we waste our resources making +0 crap when we need it to make the stuff we currently are using. Then when we get high enough and stop getting the low level rocks/plants/sticks we wont have them on hand to be nice even if we wanted.
This is going to backfire quickly. VERY bad idea. Death happens with great ease, destroying equipped gear. Tier 1 +0 equipment should be easy to find, or people are going to start quitting as soon as they start losing gear.
I get the starter goblins giving out to much stuff for the ease. Where they are concerned just put in a check at the loot drop point that says any character over 5days since creation gets nothing. If they have not gotten beyond them at that point they wont be around long anyway.
I can understand the goblins, but low level mobs like bandit recruits and omega wolves need to continue drops. Armor is already pretty tough to find. I find myself training for what I find instead of what I hope for, because I don't know how long it will take without begging.
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