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Loot changes

Caldeathe Baequiannia
It's just an adjustment. There's very little that is going to mean the end of the world. I think it's a reasonable and proportionate response. There are plenty of low level mobs that can be taken on for the basics, including copper, and it will create an armour market for crafters that are required to make basic armour in order to get achievements. If it creates a real issue, they'll adjust.
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Seems to me that the correct thought process should not be, "If it turns out we screwed up we'll fix it later".
It should be: "Let's think about this so we don't screw up in the first place".
GoblinWorks needs positive feedback to generate a customer base, not a litany of they screwed up here, and here, and here, and ….

GW currenty has too many other things that need fixing/re-work. They need to concentrate on those issues not make more.

So I will leave you with this quote from a friend of mine.

"If you're going to shoot yourself in balls, be sure you get both."
– I'm advising against it. – Pay no attention to those advocating for it!
Caldeathe Baequiannia
They've been thinking about it. They are making a fine-tune that players asked for (see the 99 posts in 5 days in this thread) If it turns out to be too much in one direction, they'll fine-tune it a little more. That's what the next year is supposed to be about, adjusting the game in response to the players' feedback.
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Thorgrim Foegrinder
I think a better solution would be to make them drop only +0 gear. +0 gear cannot be sold for much if anything, especially if it's dropped so easily. Anything else dropped can be sold or used to make +1 gear or better. By dropping only +0 gear the newbies won't be overly screwed and those taking advantage of the current situation will only end up with a ton of +0 gear that is essentially worthless.
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Seems to me that that particular change should rate way below. Blue screens, lost characters, fixing combat, … heck I'd rate it below fixing tree nodes.

With so much to do and only a year to do it in, goblins passing out treats doesn't even rank.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
They are goblins. Goblins are probably the single most common mob on the map. Adjusting their loot tables (as opposed to turning them on or off in certain hexes) is probably far more complex than you are assuming. Unless the devs want to change them to a different type of mob, adjusting the specifics of the loot drops is likely an unacceptably large time investment at this point in the game.
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If the assumption is dropping armor from low level loot tables will somehow engender a cottage industry of people making +0 armor it is somewhat misled.

The result of this change will be people running naked fighting ranged until they can afford +1 .
Edam, I have begun to see a pattern here, as soon as something isn't really fitting a certain group of people, they say "<Something>, <something> will only lead to everyone doing <something> naked."

Which in this case is probably very wrong, I think there is a possibility that +0 armours could make a market in starter and NPC towns and to some degree in other towns.
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If the assumption is dropping armor from low level loot tables will somehow engender a cottage industry of people making +0 armor it is somewhat misled.

The result of this change will be people running naked fighting ranged until they can afford +1 .

Another result will be guilds handing out old starter gear to new players in order to recruit them.

But i agree that there won't be any commercial +0 armor industry, just the occasional survivalist making their own.
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I don't know if some of you have noticed, but players don't start naked. They get a cloth armor +0. Currently it takes you 20 deaths to get rid of that. That is plenty time to get some coppers in your pocket and purchase that +0 (or +1 even, if economy goes that way) armor.

Someone also mentioned that GW should prioritize bug fixes before content (a sentiment with which I agree). However, changing a few loot tables around is a trivial adjustment that takes very little time and can be done by designers (leaving programmers to their own tasks). The current design goal is a full-blown player economy with no item drops. Currently we are moving in that direction. And if that doesn't pan out, we get to crowdforge a new system - something which you are already doing. But there is a rather hostile and holier-that-thy undertone to some of these suggestions which I find annoying.

If you have an idea, I am sure everyone would love to hear it (no matter how many times it has been rehashed), but those ideas can be shared politely.

Erm. Sorry for rant or something.
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