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Loot changes

Stephen Cheney
We don't currently have the tech to spawn items at less than full durability. It's on the radar since you guys have been suggesting it, but it's not easy enough to make work that it's worth pushing something else yet.

Thank you! That was annoyingly unfortunate, but an understandable prioritisation. But then I can put it on my list on stuff to harp about in a year or so … :-)
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Stephen Cheney
What about adding to the loot tables an item "Low-quality medium armor" with durability 5/5, Keyword: Medium and an existing art asset?

Just guessing at things that might be possible to add from the designer's location, given the competing demands on programmer time.
I'm extremely hesitant to do that, since it means adding new items to the database that would be problematic to ever remove without a lot of programmer support to correctly delete/replace them (remember the error I made in alpha when I replaced the salvage "coins" with "bits"?). Adding duplicate items with different properties is one of those things I could do without programmer support now, but at a big risk of causing a lot more problems down the line smile .
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