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HOWTO: Comand Line Parameters for the Windows Client

Ryan Dancey
Running the Windows client with command line parameters is pretty easy (compared to Macintosh!).

Navigate to the folder where you installed the program. Find the Pathfinder.exe file.

Right click on that file and choose "Create Shortcut".

Right click on the shortcut. Select "Properties". Find the "Target:" edit control. After the end of the existing text, add the command line parameter you want to use:

-quality x
Where "x" is any of the listed settings in the UI (i.e. fast, simple, etc.)

-resolution x
Where "x" is any of the listed resolutions in the UI (i.e. 800x600, 1024x768, etc.)

-windowed x
Where "x" is true or false

You can use all three of these parameters at the same time or you can use them individually:


-quality simple -resolution 1024x768 -windowed false


-quality fast

For example, in my installation where I have put the game on a hard drive used for windows applications, my "Target:" text would read:

"D:\Pathfinder Online\Pathfinder.exe" -quality simple

When you are done editing the parameters, click "Apply" and close the dialog box.

Double-click the shortcut to run the program with the desired parameters.

Thanks Ryan. Is borderless-windowed supported?
If not, you can always use something like ShiftWindow ( to turn a windowed game into a borderless windowed game.
For borderless-windowed you can use
-popupwindow -resolution 1920x1080

or, whatever your resolution is.
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