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Rep loss and gain rates

Perhaps an attack against a party member should be considered accidental? That would seem detectable though I guess you could find scenarios where even that could be exploited.
If I may offer my .02 about reputation, I'd like to put this in broader terms. And it's possible that this is already being considered as one of the future enhancements, but I feel like reputation gain or loss should have not only immediate consequences, but also a long term impact to the character. None of us are born good or evil (although I know some will argue even that.) We gain those tendencies over time. Take Hitler for example. He may have been a nice enough boy, but over the years he developed an intense hatred for others. By WWII, it didn't matter if he had personally killed someone that day, or even that week. He was a truly evil man who was beyond redemption. His infamy had grown so that no one seeing him could mistake him for anyone else.

I feel like evil aligned character in PFO should be regarded the same. It's not something where you should be able to wait it out a couple days and all is forgiven. If an alignment system isn't part of the future enhancements, I think it should be. Reputation gain or loss can have the short term consequences that are already in play. But continuing to perform evil acts (aka unprovoked attacks against other PCs outside of any game mechanics that are currently in play) should influence their alignment. As in many table top gaming systems, everyone declares an alignment when they create their character, but it's what you do with that character once you're in game that determines its true alignment. Moving towards evil is easy. Moving back towards good (repairing your reputation) should be hard and could be accomplished through quests of redemption.

Not 100% positive. But I think that the rate at which reputation is regained will eventually be slowed down a bit.
Probably not to 1pt/hr, but it will definitely be less than the current 100pt's/hr.

They don't want to do that right now because of the huge handicap it would currently be to PvP while there is still so much to be developed.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Also (I think) actions might be intended to feed into the not-yet-implemented alignment mechanics.
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@Maxen: Yes, there's a very extensive alignment system planned which will contain a lot of the features you describe.

blog post
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
"Characters that lose Reputation for a kill are flagged with the stackable Killer debuff, which is only visible to the player that has it. It lasts for four hours, and, if you suffer Reputation loss due to killing a player character in that span of time, the timer resets and your Killer stack increases by 1. For every stack of Killer you have, your Reputation losses increase by 20%. If you reach Killer 10 you gain the Mass Murderer flag and become Hostile to everyone for 24 hours."

I don't see why this part isn't in the game already
Well, go on and code it then. Should not take you longer than an hour, finished, polished and bug free, I guess?
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