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Baki recipe market

Greetings i'm making this post to give a view at all the recipe i have drop in game as now. Because i'm not interested in crafting because i'm focused only on the wizard roll i'm interested to trade them for money or gear, here's the list. UPDATED 22/01/2015
Apprentice's Antitoxin: Alchemy 1
Aprrentice Bloodblock: Alchemy 1
Aprrentice's Psychic staff: Artificer 4
Basic Leather Sheet +2: Tanner 4
Clerk ink +1 (2): Apothecary 2
Coarse Thread +1: Weaver 4
Cold iron ingot+1: Smelter 3
Cold iron spear (2): Weaponsmith 5
Copper bar +3: Smelter 4
Costume necklace: jeweler 2
Discipline anarchic charge: Artificer 3
Discipline's holy charge: Artificer 5
Fine ring (2): jeweler 6
Leather quiver: Bowyer 6
Lesser Consonant gem: Gemcutter 3
Lesser nominous gem +2: Gemcutter 4
Lesser vital gem +1: Gemcutter 2
Lesser vital gem+3: gemcutter 4
Hemp rope +2: Weaver 4
Hemp Twine +2: Weaver 3
Novitate's scale: Armorsmith 5
Parchment sheets +3: Tanner 5
Paesant belt: tailor 1
Pine baton +2: Sawyer 5
Silvered Iron Lighthammer: Weaponsmith %
Silvered Iron Spear: Weaponsmith 5
Simple Belt: Leatherworker 1
Simple Camp: Enginner 3
Steel Broathed Arrow: Bowyer 3
Steel greatsword: Weaponsmith 3
Steel ingot +2: Smelter 2
Steel ingot +3: Smelter 3
Steel Plate +1 (2): Smelter 1
Weak Adhesive Extract +2: Apothecary 4
Weak Adhesive Extract +3: Apothecary 5
Weak aromatic extract +2: Apothecary 2
Weak Deadly exctract +3: Apothecary 6
Weak irritant exctract +2 :Apothecary 5
Weak sanguine extract +1: Apothecary 2
Weak sanguine extract +3: Apothecary 4
Weak Soothing extract +2: Apothecary 4
Weak Stimolating extract +1 :Apothecary 4
Yew and iron split: Armorsmith 2
Yew Shaft +1: Sawyer 1
Yew Shaft +2: Sawyer 2
Yew Shaft +3: Sawyer 3

I'm interested to trade them for +1-+2 wizard gear (wand, staves and armor) or money. If you are interested on a recipe contact me in game or via pm.
Bumped whit new recipe.
Updated the list
I would give a very good price in silver or other things (like spells) for a Yew Stave+ receipt…
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
You can reach me on:
I might have a arcane spell for trade.
looking for thrown caltrops manuever, willing to trade arcane spells for it.
By know i accpet only gold or wizard gear, (i still have the intro spellbook so for know acquiring expendables on a second poin) if you are interested on a recepire listed here send me a wisp in game or via the paizo forums. On the next day i will make a post whit the spell and manuever list.
Which settlement are you based at Baki?
Look up Flitwyck at Emerald Lodge .
I have a yew stave +3 recipe i can trade you for either mage spells , gem recipes or pine baton recipe.
I'll be at bank usual trading time

Baki - what is your ingame name? and settlement?smile
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