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Viscious Circle

So been about 5-10 hours in now. Collected a lot of things, and still in my street clothes. Is there no way in game yet to sell off what you have picked up from the nodes other than the AH? That leads to being financially cornered, if no one can sell basic salvage, there isn't an initial income to invest into items on AH, crafted by others. I find very little coin. And I am running out of room to hold stuff, not sure how much the bank can hold just yet, but with no way to get rid of things other than AH, eventually it would reach an impasse of clutter and not enough of items to craft something and try to sell it on AH to others whom have no way to get basic funds from useless resources they should be able to pawn off to a NPC.
Oh and BTW your map is flipped in the lower right (the movement one) in relation to the Settlement graphic.
If there is something I am not seeing, please let me know.
As the Ah royally sucks right now they perform subpar. So the thing right now is to find a buyer and barter. Put +0 weaponry and armour in the Vault. They will begin to increase in value after next patch when droppings are nerfed. the rest is just a question of getting hold of someone to sell to.

In what area are you located? the Towns are varying widely in activity and busy hours right now.
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The best ways to get outfitted right now are to either hook up with a larger group, or commit genocide on goblins on the starter village ring roads. Either option will get you a good supply of +0 armor and weapons to work with as you get on your feet.
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There is no limit on storage in the Bank, but each Bank is local to that Hex. Only your actual cash will be available from any Bank anywhere (and you will notice it auto-deposits each time you open the bank UI), everything else must be transported in your inventory if you move.

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@ OP
I've bought and sold stuff at AH, yes it's not that friendly, but it is working.

Note: this is the Rathglen AH.
those who need the AH stuff don't have money, those that have money don't need the stuff on the AH…
Exception: new player packs that give you a few silvers starting capital, but no class-specific equipment.

Three workable options:
-Charity: some players/groups have farmed 1000s of goblins and have heaps of weapons and armor to give away. Everyone wants new players to feel welcome and enjoy the game, so don't be too shy to ask.
-Barter: you got lots of drops, find someone to trade with. Itchy stuff, sticky stuff and target marking paint may be of value (aka more valuable than +0 gear) even to powerful groups.
-Guild: a group of 5 or more (10 is better, 20 perfect) can pool resources and cover various refining and crafting skills.
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Hey Hawk! It was good to see you out at Forgeholm last night! As people have said there are plenty of groups that are willing to hand out gear to people that join them. We have been busy building stock piles just for such purposes and I'm sure we're not alone with that.
Crafting, especially on War of Towers scale, takes huge piles of resources. I can imagine any group would be more than willing to accept pretty much anything gathered by folks visiting nodes out in the world, probably at very favourable terms for the gatherers.
Thanks for the replies! Yeah its been slow going, Hey Jakaal smile
I've been traveling a bit all over sampling the land so to speak to see where resources hibernate.
Everything seems available enough resource wise, except for the pelts/leather. They really need to up that one.
I mean I am wearing a dead goblins armor, and its a little tight, even for a Dwarf!

This was a IRONic story, traveling up to Forgeholm got a bit heavy encumbrance wise, so I trashed my coal to pick up more iron and silver (typical Dwarf right?), wasn't until I reached Forge that I realized I needed the coal. Total loss: 57 pieces smile Sigh

Thanks again for replies, I think I am well on my way with getting acclimated, this was really helpful

Oh a little history on Hawkshield, the name has been used since its first incarnation for nearly every game I have played as a Dwarf since I got into online gaming in 1996, and since pnp D&D 2nd Edtn circa 1979

Yeah my main in game has the name of my first tabletop D&D character!
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