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Talonguard (NG)

Welcome to the settlement of Talonguard

We are near three different clusters of resources for crafting and have a local supply of coal and iron.

We are the crafting Settlement in the West, and member of the Highroad Covenant
(Talonguard, Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade).
We will help those who want to learn and play the game in as safe an area as possible.
We give advice and allow you to experiment with what you want to do.
And most important we want you to have Fun.


Company: Twilight_Brigade
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Roles: Crafters, Refiners, Gathers, Merchants, Traders and Combat

Crafting: Yes
Refining: Yes
Trading: Yes
Merchants: Yes
PVE: YES (two nearby monster hexes, weekly monster hunts)
PVP: only if attacked, or allies attacked.

Company: Moss Valley Drifters

Company: Lightbringers

Company: DragonBlade Mercenaries

Company: The DragonFall Fellowship
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Updated: March 26 2015
Updated: March 31 2015
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