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help me figure out which way to go.

Ryan Dancey
The very first thing you should do and the very first thing the community should recommend that you do, is read the New Player Guide. A link to that Guide is in the Patcher.
Memory-High Priest of Desna
that's on my list of things to do Ryan, but I'm here looking for more opinions than answers. the guide doesn't have any opinions.
Adventure Time with the High Priest of Desna, begins Tuesday 08/18 at 6:00pm EST (10:00 server time) at the Thornkeep Auction house. All new players welcome!

Official titles and Nicknames:
Spherewalker of Indor-Mardil, High Priest of Desna, Dreaden-appointed Forum Troll Extraordinaire, The Southern Speedster, Slinger of Stars, Newbie-Bear, Gutter of Golgothans, King of Kiters, Johnny Ustalavian-Seed, and Peaches.
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