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list of raw material locations

Caldeathe Baequiannia
I wouldn't say that. It would be a good place to talk to people and find a group, but has few new characters, so the auction house is not exactly busy.
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I see, so the trend is for the players to use the ah less and less as they advance? I'll have to remember that. It's guild or no trade to speak of.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
The plan is to use it more, but at the moment it's difficult to use, so most settlements are just sharing and trading internally.
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Stoneroot Glade is also close by Rathglen and is Rogue/Wizard focused if you are looking for those roles.
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Iron Strings
so if there isn't a list, can anyone tell me where to find:
    hemp, and ordered essence
Iron Strings
deleted, posted same message twice
so if there isn't a list, can anyone tell me where to find:
    hemp, and
    ordered essence

South west corner of the map
Ordered Essence can be found in pretty much any Croplands hex - these are the ones that look like they have plowed fields. Hemp & Wool can usually be found in the Scavenging nodes of Croplands hexes as well, although Hemp is less common. If you don't get any hemp out of the first several scavenging nodes, move to a different Croplands hex. Repeat as necessary.
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Iron Strings
thank you
i'll add a few general comments although all specific issues seem resolved:

Resources available are determined by node type, terrain type, region and hex.
Node type (rocks, trash, plants, sparks) and terrain type (mountain, forest, cropland, highland) are fairly obvious.

Region: the map is separated into regions. Check Harad Navar's PFO Atlas too see the different regions. Each region has a different resources, and GW want to promote interaction (whether trade or war) by dividing stuff around the map. Example: pine in the north and yew in the south.

Hex: in a recent patch, resource distribution was further refined by giving some hexes in a region a variant resource. Suddenly there are places to find coal in the south and greenweed in the north. Savvy gatherers don't want the details to be public knowledge as that would increase both competition and banditry, but i expect all guilds have a pretty good idea of what grows in all the hexes near them.
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