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cannot get logged in

I was able to log in for a short while on Saturday but am trying tonight and keep getting the message "could not connect to". I've rebooted several times and am fairly sure I'm using the correct password (unable to tell for sure since there is no password reset button). Is the server down temporarily? If it might be my password, how do I reset it? please help. thanks.
The server won't be available again until 3:00 PM Pacific Thursday. Then it will be down Friday during the day agian.
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Connections outside of GoblinWorks require the firewall to "Allow passage of non-local traffic". The timeframe for outside traffic is currently Thursday 3pm -> Friday 6am, Friday 3pm -> Monday 6am (all times Pacific Daylight).

Attempts to connect at other times will fail. The desire is to get to a point where the game is accessable 24/7 (baring severe crashes), but is not currently.
Thanks to you both!
Ah…. then I simply need to wait patiently a bit. Thanks for the help.
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