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Please add Coordinates to the in-game map

This would be a big help. As describing directions on a hex map isn't nearly as easy as a square grid.
Put the mouse in the mini-map hover over yourself, and you'll get coordinates.
They are in relation to ThornKeep
That hardly helps, it only works for direction someone to your location, It does nothing to help you meet someone in a hex neither of you are in, or give someone a location of a material source. There is already a numbered coordinate system for the hexes, that we have seen on the maps GW released, I want to see that in game.
Displaying the hex coordinates (not 12.34km S, 3.21km N, but rather hex -01.12 a la this map) on the main map would be helpful.
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I know Bonny said in game that the bug system uses a different set of co-ords than the the terrain editor, but this is something that needs to be hammered out for both us and the devs to work with the map better.

Sidenote: the map looks better! the roads are visible much further out in zoom and overall seems to have better contrast. Just needs hex numbers… smile
I'd like it if hovering over the hex type icon would tell us: the map grid, the hex type, and the terrain type.

The game already tells us, reliably, what the hex type is. It knows what hex we are in (except a slight delay on borders).
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
And why not describe the hexes you want to meet relative some in game terrain feature? Coordinates gives me totally wrong feel for the gave, and if it needs attention from programmers to fix, I can list about a hundred other thing I want done before that, and yes it includes Grass…

Sorry it seems contagious …
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It may be helpful to know that 1 hex is ~0.66km across and doing a little math on those Thornkeep coordinates can get you at least close to where you're going.
0.66km edge to edge, or point to point? Hexes are not an intuitive system for the human mind, based on our education system.

All we need is the current coordinate system added to the in-game image file.

I don't see why a society would have a map divided up, but have no quick and easy reference. I fall to see how coordinates would make the game feel wrong, it's not some amazing 21st century breakthrough.
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