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Known Exploit: Do Not Use! - Bleeding out Dupe Bug

Ryan Dancey
Players we've been able to reproduce a bug that duplicates inventory. This is your notice that the use of this exploit will constitute grounds for your account to be banned. DO NOT TEST THIS BUG. We'll have a very low tolerance for anyone who is determined to have used this exploit after the posting of this notice.

The bug is caused by being in the "bleeding out" state while logged off, and a few other factors that we're still trying to determine with some specificity.

How To Know If You Have Triggered This Bug
If you log into the game and you're standing next to a husk of your gear and you still have all your gear, you have triggered the bug.

What To Do
Take no action. Do not interact with the Husk. In 30 minutes from the time it was created it will vanish.

What Not To Do
Do not arrange to take the gear out of someone else's Husk if they manage to trigger this bug. This won't happen if a character just gets killed. It will only happen if the player is logged out of the game while their character is bleeding out.

We're being transparent about this issue as a matter of trust with the community. It is important to us that you know that we're aware of this exploit and that we're telling you not to take advantage of it. We appreciate everyone not abusing this bug until we can get it fixed.
Ryan Dancey
This morning (24 Jan) we deployed a server-side fix that should eliminate this exploit. The fix did not require changes to the client so you do not need to re-patch in order to log into the game. If you encounter this specific problem again after today please email immediately and provide as much detail as you can about the circumstances.
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