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There's no way to avoid pvp is there?

We'll see. Like I said, I'll be here the first month. Might as well since I paid for it, after that very much depends on how it goes. WoW was mostly grief/gank free to start with then the sociopaths started playing.

@Cal My sympathies and best wishes to you and your family. Hope everything turns out alright.
Based on your play style, you need two things: a large company to be a member of and Stealth/speed. A large company has members on at most times. With stealth I have actually walked through a camp of ogres without a problem. Speed is probably your best friend to get around or out of pvp. Pick up the travel domain and agile feet or energetic field. If you see another player, sprint out of th re in a zig zag pattern. With the current targeting you will be long gone before they can target you. Then you can relax by the lake.
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Lol. Rogue/Cleric huh? Rogues used to be the bane of my existence in world pvp back in old WoW since I used to play a Warlock. smile
In the current combat system there is almost impossible to kill someone thats runs away, put some mobs or nodes between you and potential enemies and with a speed enhancer of one kind or another you are gone like the wind.

And as there is a low population right now it is seldom you see someone outside the towns at all …
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I haven't been killed by a player since the game started. I came close once, but they gave up after chasing me through 4 or 5 hexes (when Deacon tells his Golgothans to murder somebody, they don't give up easily) smile

I am a member of Phaeros; I hang around in our Teamspeak server so I get the latest intel when and where attacks are occurring, and I avoid those places and the nearby hexes for awhile while our defenders respond. I watch my minimap and run away when I see names I don't recognize. I stay out of tower hexes while the PvP window is open.

3 weeks and counting… you can minimize your PvP involvement if you wish. It seems that PvP isn't entirely foreign to you; in that case, I would say you would be comfortable with the PvP you will encounter in PFO. Like you said, check it out and see what you think smile
There are some areas where the PVP and PKing will be rare, like the West.
since we are far from the Northern Coalition's war front.

If Terra Firma comes active they will be a oceanic settlement you could join.
To be honest, I've only "had" to engage in PVP the opening day of EE, when there was a group in the hexes surrounding starter settlements ganking redshirters. Now, as long as you choose a settlement to base out of that is off the beaten path, or join a settlement that's actively engaged in supply-side crafting (I'm with Callambea), then the chances of "must engage in PVP" isn't going to happen. Until the game becomes more populated and nodes actually become something to protect, this is likely to remain the case. And, of course, by that time you'll have enough xp and decent gear to be able to deal with such issues.
No, there is no way to be completely protected from PvP in PFO. However, the Everbloom Alliance was created so that those avoiding PvP could at least harbor in a well defended area of the map.

Give us a
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I'm a solo player, wandered all around the map poaching resources, walking in dark alleys, exploring the "bad" cities, and I've only been attacked once (yes it was at the vault, yes it could have been a horrible inventory loss). I had a nice talk with my attackers, fought again, and they went on their way. While there might be a couple of murder hobos out there, for the most part the PvPers are a nice bunch, just playing a game.

There are also more than enough people lurking in the Help Chat that would jump at the chance to hunt down people preying on new players. Battle! Most of us here are just people trying to have fun and play a game. Most of us here will also help out a new player if asked.

"Anyone want to come out and kill mobs while I gather, please?" in Hex Chat or Local should work. No, I don't think we're anywhere near needing an escort to leave town, but if it makes for a more enjoyable game for you, then there's no harm in asking. Spacing out while walking through mobs is still the most dangerous part of the game…

(I'm constantly thankful for the slightly hard core DMs of my childhood. If you've never had an Assassin PC slipped into your Paladin PC led group, you haven't really rolled yet. Now…ROLL ME A D20!)
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I personally hate pvp. I hate even more someone taking stuff that I spent time and effort acquiring.

Unfortunately I really like pathfinder and Golarion so this is the only way I can experience it online.

So I'd like to know, is there any way to avoid the inevitable group ganking and griefing* that's going to happen when this goes full live?
Will I be able to do any worthwhile pve without being forced into pvp or will all the good stuff only be available to pvpers?
I really like every other feature that's going into this game, so I'd like to be able to experience it if possible.
*Don't bother telling me "they'll lose reputation". That's not going to matter to a lot of people. It won't stop dedicated griefers in the slightest.

Can you avoid PVP 100%?

Can you reduced it significantly?
Hell Yes. I have been playing for 26 days now and not died once at the hands of another player. How do I do it?
Risk management. I am on mobile so can't right it in full, but it can be done. I have been having a blast so far, and I am teaching my wife and mother to play, and both are very adverse to PVP, so I am teaching them how to avoid it. It is possible…
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