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There's no way to avoid pvp is there?

Just think of it as more difficult content that could pop up anywhere. If you're not comfortable fighting, get good at your retreat strategies. Invest in skills that make you faster and slow down the opponent. Know where you are at all times, be aware of your surroundings, and be ready to run. Have allies close by that you can contact for support when needed. Will you escape pvp death every time? Of course not, but this still seems to me like a more thrilling form of PvE play than when the environment is completely predictable.
Erian El ranelen of Keeper s Pass
I've avoided PvP entirely thus far. In all Erian's travels, no one has ever attacked him. Now, I like to think it's because folks recognize me walking around in my gold robes and know I'm basically a diplomat. If you attack me, I'll just chat with you. You'll kill me with no challenge, and then gain nothing (Erian doesn't typically carry anything). Then you'll have to endure my discourse on why non-aggression is a much better life path than conflict. Of course, some folks might hunt me down just to punish me for my incessant RP speeches! smile

On a serious front, I would ask the fully anti-PvP folks to consider the possibilities of a game where (1) our challenges are driven by other players, not by speed of development and AI as well as (2) the possibility that GW could just possibly pull off the "right" way to do PvP where every other MMO has failed. That latter part will only be successful when we all work together to figure out how to make it happen; we're crowdforging after all. I'm no PvP player–like some others, I'm getting older/slower and just plain don't care enough about that aspect of the game to drive up my system mastery there. But I've found a group of friends I can play with and still enjoy myself. And that group includes some of the avid PvP fans. Play smart. Travel in groups. Make friends. That's what this game is about. If you want to solo-gather while watching the sunset, there are indeed places you can do that. Just don't go standing in a war zone and expect to be ignored.
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Why do I support non-aggression? (
then you are playing a different game than me.

We should be so lucky!

I hope you find peace.
Doc I am a real fan of your posts.

If you PvE types want help, call me and I will come and sort you out help you.

The game promoting pvp as a major commercial pillar, understand it, get used to it, up your game to counter it, form a personal strategy. PK'ers are here to give you adrenaline, and a bit of the unexpected.

In case there are those who don't what pvp means, here is a tip;
A) PvP - Player vs player combat, very often skill based challenge against an unpredictable person, consensual or not.
B) A Griefer - a pvp'er who has an issue with someone (or the world in general) and is prepared to upset their target by a form of harassment. (the standard grief is continuous and relentless killing of one individual)
C) A Gank - the final killing blow performed by one person on their target (coup de gras). Often confused with multiple people killing one individual.
D) Ganking - multiple people killing one individual. It is not a higher level person killing a lower level person as urban dictionary thinks. That's nothing to do with it. [same rubbish you get with 'lol' being plagiarized, its laugh out loud, not lots of love!)
E) PK'er - is a player killer. Very often an individual with their own code of honor. Some may not continue a fight if the target submits (sits down, crouch, prays, begs, offers trade, stands completely still). As this is taken as a sign of non-participation (new player, non pvp skilled, trader, craftsman, diplomat etc). Some pk'ers may vary their reward for a successful kill depending on the difficulty of the challenge (may not take loot, may note down your name for future reference etc). Some are just plain murderers (reputation hunters, bad day, world issues), these will kill you regardless.

Pk'ers are here for the contest of combat, seeking something more than a predictable mob.

My advice to non pvp types - get some fast running shoes and throw out a ROFL or a ROFLMAO as you leave. (rolling on floor laughing / rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off).
OP: Ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahaha!

Why on earth did you buy the game when PvP is one of its main features?

Sorry but you get no sympathy at all, there are many ways to not get PvP'd but it seems like you want an easy mode to the game.

Your not going to get one…
Caldeathe Baequiannia
OP: Ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahaha!
Well that was useful.

It's not really necessary that the whole world be exactly alike and notice the same things and think the same way. A lot of people were drawn to the kickstarter because it looked like a chance to play their favourite game a new way. Had we even noticed the mentions of PvP in the little that some of us saw (because unlike those that know MMOs, some of us decided to support the kickstarter without reading all the fine print because we're just stupid) we still might not have had a shred of a clue what the words "open world PvP" meant.

That's our mistake, as the OP acknowledged, but it really isn't useful to anything to heap such disdain upon other people.
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Deianira Sunstorm
For those who have moved entirely away from the Paizo forum, I'm reposting a link from Bluddwolf. It's a good, though not exhaustive, article on what makes a non-PvPer a non-PvPer (I prefer to stay away from the more charged term "carebear"smile: Open World PvP and the Psychology of a Carebear.

Like it or not, we're going to be sharing the sandbox. I think GoblinWorks quite rightly tried to draw in a wide range of personalities and playstyles; the game will be better for it as long as we can manage to respectfully -on both sides - coexist. Surely we can have a discussion that doesn't resort to laughter or mocking?
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Deianira Sunstorm
And grrrr about the autoemotes. The winky face slips in all the time!
Contact me on Paizo: Deianira
Until the guards work to actually stop PvP in towns within sight of guards, guards that actually patrol the "safe" hexes that are supposed to be patrolled or players have a way to repless kill invading hostile PvPers, there will be a slew of PvEers unwilling to submit themselves to the whims of people who are out to attack and take from them, any where or when they want.

Until there is a way for PvE types to have a way to randomly screw over PvP types at the PvEer's whim there is no parity. B/c really that is the way the vast majority of PvEers see any non-consensual PvP attack. Playing the game at all is not consent, that way lies the mess that is EvE. Not that EvE is the worst but many people walk away from it due to the pilots that like to prey on noobs. Nothing says "This is a fun game!" like a vet blowing the hell out of you, giving you no chance and likely setting you back to literally nothing but the starter frig. Yeah they made a mistake but they will just walk from the game, not rebuild. That is not the type of play GoblinWorks can allow and expect to keep 90% of the players they gained from the Pathfinder name and being associated with Paizo.
Until there is a way for PvE types to have a way to randomly screw over PvP types at the PvEer's whim there is no parity.

The players who would use that capability aren't "PvE types" anyway.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
I beg to differ. The ability would just be reciprocal now rather than one way.
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