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Last week for Max XP In Early Enrollment!

Ryan Dancey
Hey everyone - spreading the word in every way possible.

This is the last week to earn Backdated XP in the first month of Early Enrollment in Pathfinder Online. If you have an Early Enrollment account, this is a tremendous perk. Characters earn XP in realtime, so the first character created on an account in the month of January will FOREVER have the Max possible XP.

If you have Early Enrollment access, be sure you make a character to take advantage of this perk.

If you have Explorer or Open Enrollment you can upgrade your account via the

If you're playing Pathfinder Online be sure to remind your friends about this perk too. After it expires, characters will start with just 1,000XP.
So, If I download and create a character by the 31st they will have max XP and I will be charged 1 month on my 3 months? This month will end on March 3rd 2015?
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Ryan Dancey
It will actually end February 28.
For the future: does this mean you are taking the first of every month as the start date for using up a month of gametime? Does this mean that when someone decides on the 16th to start using up a game-time month, that he gets his XP backdated to the first of that month, and the XP stops after the last day of the Month (if he does not renew?).

I am sure many details are TBD, just wondering about that part.
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This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Ryan Dancey
We are going to blog about it this week.
Hobson Fiffledown
A quick transition month question (maybe not a blog item) for you, Ryan. If 'Training XP' is set on a character on our account, do we have to log in on that account in month two of EE to make sure xp continues, or will we just continue and be automatically deducted a month of account time?

I only ask because I will be in the jungle, hunting pigs, and dancing with lava for the next couple of weeks, without access to log in to the client (and may not see the blog in time).
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Ryan Dancey
We are going to blog about it this week.
By this week, did you mean before the final week of backdating is over, or sometime in the next seven days?
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Yeah, if I knew some details, it would help in my ammunition fired at my fellow EE buddies that haven't started the game just yet.

E.g. I would like to be able to tell them that if they start right now (and before the end of January), they will start using their 4 months from "today's date", plus they essentially just got all of January for free, in terms of XP. So… 5 months of free XP, with about 4 months of free playtime, all as part of their kickstarter Guild pledge they went in on with me.

(which I later upgraded to platinum, because… awesome.)

However, I don't know if I can validly say all that. Hoping for blog confirmation of all this?

Edit: for clarification, these guys I am speaking of haven't started yet, because they are hoping to be entertained. And they don't want to start paying (or using up free time) until they feel the game is ready enough to entertain them. They are less interested in crowdforging than I am, obviously.
Ryan Dancey
Yes that is how it works. If you use your first month of game time on January 31st, you'll be get backdated XP to the first of the month and your renewal date will be February 28th.
Not that I begrudge you the $15, but it seems odd to me that you'd incent your players not to log into the game for the first 30 days.
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