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Early Enrollment unable to install

I am an Early Enroll participant. I have been fighting on and off to install and play for a while now. Generally I get frustrated and leave when I find it impossible to get any information from the Goblin works site.

How do I track down the installer?
Why would it tell me that Access is Denied?

Very frustrating.
Does that page show you as logged in?
On the right side I am logged in but the main part of the screen shows this message:

Access denied

You do not have the correct permissions to view the selected page.

If you believe you are seeing this message in error, please contact
sad nigel is sad
So the "Get Installer Here" button just below the login information isn't available to you?

email GW is all I can suggest.
ya no button

I have…
Hmmm .. I get the button when I log in from the GW homepage …
Ryan Dancey
Always always always email when you are having a problem. That is the fastest, best way to get help.
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