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Can I still play based with my open enrollment account if I had an Alpha invite?

The title pretty much sums it up. I played the stress test for a bit and thought I'd wait for the features to get cleaned up a bit. My account is open enrollment, but I'll pay for early enrollment if I have to.
You have to upgrade, and be quick about it, the month of backdating XP is soon at end!
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You don't have to be quick. If you upgrade to the $100 pack, you'll get in today, and get a month of XP plus two extra months of play over upgrading to the $50 pack next weekend. If you'll be buying your months at full price, then an extra $20 gets you in a week earlier and 70k XP, which most people will figure is worth it.
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Open Enrollment will begin ~January 2016. People who backed the Kickstarter have the Head Start bonus which means they'll be invited in 1 month prior to the start of Open Enrollment.

You can play today by upgrading to Early Enrollment. You can start playing as of February 1st by upgrading to Explorer Enrollment.
I'm going to piggy back a question on this if you don't mind.

If I have the Open Enrollment account and upgrade to Early Enrollment, is the cost of the Open Enrollment subtracted from the price? Or will I have to pay full price?
You just pay the difference.
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Cool. Thanks
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Get early enrollment you wont be sorry.
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