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Need GM


This is 2 point report.

First. My character through this account Dead Torn, needs a reset in a town. I "parting shot" which is also Evade 20 a goblin and got stuck in the ground and am now unable to even log into the game with said character as I'm pretty sure I'm stuck in the ground. Just says "Waiting on character…." forever.

The skills Parting Shot and Dodge with the Evade bonus which pushes you backwards will get you stuck in the landscape. Which'll then crash the game. Along with "Waiting on character" forever.
Hobson Fiffledown
Oakley, That stuck bug from Parting Shot might be the same that affects many charge/evade type feats (known bug). I believe they are doing a server-side fix every hour (on the hour?). You need to be logged out of all characters and the account for the fix to take. I'm not sure how server down time affects that. Good luck to you…at least you're in the perfect position to get all the good ore.
This space for rent.
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