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Where Are My Reserved Character Names Listed

It's been too long and I can't remember for sure what the character names I reserved were as part of my Kickstarter's pledge package. And I can't see that information in my account here at Goblinworks, and I can't find a post-survey email giving me that information either. And I can't seem to find a handy search button for this forum (or the answer in the FAQ) so I don't post something already answered. So, help please?

Thank you!
GW posted before that you make your characters, and if someone else took your reserved name, then they will go back to the KS to see who pledged first.
Character reservation is manual by customer service. When you create a character, if name you wanted is taken, contact customer support. They will compare your account with named account. Person with earlier pledge date gets the name.

Edit: *shakes fist* Darn you phone typing, lost me the ninja!
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Thanks so much for the quick replies. But where can I see what names I listed when I filled out the survey? That's the problem - I can't remember for sure what they were! smile Memory issues, argh!
Caldeathe Baequiannia
You didn't. No survey was done, which is why you can't remember what you picked.
To reach me, email
… really? Could have sworn I entered names when I did the post Kickstarter survey. Well all right then.
Thanks! smile
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